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It is not uncommon for couples to find themselves lacking in intimacy and all those feelings they once had for each other have fallen to the wayside. Before you give up on your relationship all together, take a look at the things you can do before making a decision you may regret.
Admitting your relationship needs to be worked on is the first step. Whether or not you decide to take action could be the determining factor. If you love each other, it is worth fighting for before you give up.

Love takes effort and it takes a lot of work! The problem is many of us get lazy and grow content with what our relationships have become. But of course, we are also the first ones to complain that things are “not the way they used to be.” It is also important to remember that this blame must fall on the both of you just as it will require both of you to work on the issues.

If you are reading this article, chances are you’re looking for ways to improve your relationship before you give up. Chances are also very good that your significant other feels the same way and just isn’t sure what to do.

Remember how things were when you met? You used to leave little notes for each other to find; you were passionate in the bedroom; you talked about everything; you couldn’t stand to be apart… What happened to all of that?
Now you may be thinking sex is a chore, you have no time for each other and you never talk. These are all unhealthy in any relationship.

Habits of Healthy Couples

• Respect. When couples love each other they show the other respect. This means you don’t say hurtful things and you don’t downgrade them in front of others or behind their back.

• Communication is key. Talk to each other about things that bother you in a calm and effective manner. Don’t say things that you will later regret.

• Disagreement. Healthy couples are going to disagree; arguments and sometimes even fights are normal. However, it’s all about compromise and knowing when to agree to disagree.

• Couple time. Family, work and other commitments sometimes make it difficult to do the things you once did as a couple. However, it is important to make this time for each other.

• Know when to shut up! Couples in love know what to say and when to say it. You should know your partner well enough to understand certain things are going to get under his or her skin.

Are these things you once had and long for them to be present in your relationship again?

You can!

As I said, it is going to take work. Have you tried changing what you are doing? It is really easy to blame our partner for everything and point out all things they are doing wrong or not doing right for that matter. It is a little more difficult to look at ourselves and discover the things we could be doing wrong.

Start doing the things you used to do. The results may surprise you by giving them some motivation to reciprocate. Before you give up on your relationship entirely, show your partner you are still the loving, mature individual that wants this to work and that you are willing to make some changes as well.