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Having doubts about your dude? Read on to find out if you should give him the boot before New Year's.

1. When you ask to speak to him about moving in, he schedules the talk for June.

2. Each time after sex, he grabs a private notebook from his bag and scribbles something in it, giggling.

3. His friends call him by the nickname of Cheaty McGee.

4. He loves to touch you and kiss you and will do so just as soon as he powers up and finishes killing these level-four zombies. Die, video zombies, die!

5. His ring tone is "Baby Got Back."

6. The guy's elaborate excuse for nots pending the holidays together include straining for an Ironman competition.

7. Mr. Reality still entertains the idea that hecould be a "stripper choreographer."

8. He’s already written a scathing tell-all memoir of your relationship—and you’ve only been dating for two months.

9. He calls your mom "Mrs. Robinson" and stares at her way too intensely.

10. The big spender usually splurges and buys you awesome gifts, so it’d be a real shame to dump him before Christmas. 


"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everybody! May you be surrounded by all the things that bring Christmas cheer."

"Jesus is the gift that we all are given this Christmas."


First Anniversary Ideas & Gifts

Congratulations on your first anniversary! You've likely heard that the first year of marriage is the hardest, but it's water under the bridge now. On this day, celebrate your relationship and love for one another through your first year of marriage and for all of your future years together as well. 

First Anniversary Traditional Gifts: Paper

Send her a bouquet of gorgeous paper roses along with a romantic card telling her how much your first year of marriage has meant to you. They also sell lifelike paper roses!

A custom hardcover photo memory book of your first year of marriage. Our pick: the gorgeous hardcover books with custom printed covers at Snapfish.

Find a first edition of a classic book that your partner loves. An autographed version is even better!

Better yet, give your partner a personalized romance novel starring the two of you! Choose a story from 'mild' to 'wild', and you and your partner will be starring in your own exotic, steamy, and especially romantic love story.

Get tickets to a Broadway play, sports game, or some other event that the two of you would enjoy together.

Go on a second honeymoon! Get two plane tickets (made of paper) and include a poster of the place (also paper) that you're going in the package.

A book of love coupons: either a custom-made printable book of love coupons or purchase a pre-made book of coupons.

Frame a custom written love poem.

A romantic message in a bottle.

A gift certificate to his/her favorite store... or a special store that they don't go to very often because it's normally considered too expensive.

Give her a gift certificate for a day at the spa.

Start the day off right with a little bathroom romance -- yesh, you read that right. JustPaperRoses now has 1st anniversary toilet paper!

Make an origami bouquet of flowers and write the reasons you love her on each flower.

Create a romantic scrapbook of your first year of marriage. Include photos of the two of you together, romantic quotes, and your thoughts and feelings of your first year.

Create a scrapbook featuring events from your wedding day and year using these free 'day in history' sites:infoplease or

Create a hardcover photo book of your first year of marriage. A photo book is a scrapbook that you create easily online.

Create a racy scrapbook full of sexy photos of yourself taken especially for your partner.

Get a blown up copy of your favorite wedding photo (made on photo paper!) and have it professionally framed to display in your house.

An intimate board game designed to spice up your night. Board games are made of cardboard, which is made of paper. :)

Turn your favorite photo of the two of you into a unique and funny custom-drawn caricature from

Turn your favorite wedding photo into a custom canvas print. 

Turn your favorite wedding photo into a hand-drawn sketch, watercolor, or oil painting from MyDaVinci.

Get glamourous this anniversary with the gift of a Glamour Shots photo session. Photos are printed on paper!

Keep a journal throughout your first year of marriage and fill it with your thoughts, emotions, and feelings as you make it through the trials and tribulations of your first year of marriage. Give your partner this journal on your first anniversary.

If you don't want to give a "paper" gift, simply wrap your gift in romantic wrapping paper!

First Anniversary Modern Gifts: Clocks

A Crystal anniversary clock to display in your home. Engrave it with your wedding/anniversary date for personalization.

Watches are perfect! Yu can give him a watch for his favorite NCAA sports team or a tech watch that does more than just tell the time. Give her a dressy watch to wear on your special night out.

Tell time with a touch of class. Give her a pendant watch or give him a pocket watch.

If you want something personalized, give an engraved silver brushed pocket watch.

Get a countdown clock and set it to countdown to your real gift, such as a second honeymoon, a weekend getaway, or a romantic night on the town.

Give the music buff a Crystal Gayle CD.

Give the movie buff a DVD featuring Billy Crystal

Does your partner travel frequently? How about a leather dual time clock designed especially for those on the go.

Design a custom watch for your partner. Many jewelers allow customization services where you can design the perfectwatch for your partner.

First Anniversary Romantic Ideas

Relive the past. Re-watch your wedding video, look at your wedding album together, and reflect on the last year.

Take a 2nd honeymoon.

Do 'one' thing that you've always wanted to do together.

Have your cake and eat it too, when you share the top of your saved wedding cake. Make it a bit more special by going back to your reception site for dinner and enjoy your cake for dessert.

Spent 'one' night at a uxorious hotel.

Give her a single red rose (or whatever flower you used in your wedding) to celebrate 1 year.

Setup a time capsule for the future. Include memories from your first year of marriage and each year on future anniversaries, include a few items from that year and relive the past memories.

Match the number of gifts to your anniversary: Give him/her one gift for the first anniversary.

    Innovative And Different Touch of New Year Gift

    The new year coming soon.. welcome the new year .. welcome the new year. People around the world have such a long time waiting for this day. Even if the preparatory work has already begun from weeks or months. In this eve of celebrations and parties, all my friends and family to enjoy. One way to make it more special for everyone is presenting beautiful gifts to others. Following four special a unique gift

    For those who prefer a personalized calendar, where you can include your group photograph or any family photos. Buy a new calendar is a necessity in many families in addition to the traditional, in addition, as a gift or an item in the new year gift baskets are also many families in the part of the tradition, because the calendar is a meaningful and useful.
    Innovative And Different Touch of New Year Gift
    Calender Gift uplouded from


    For your girlfriend, you can give the beauty jewelry. All women love the bling. More glittering stones have become her eyes sparkling. man say "more glittery stones that cluster together will guarantee it is your eyes that will sparkle at the end of the night". Ensure that you know the exact size of the ring in mind gift packaging. Gold or silver pendants, bracelets are a good choice gift his wife in the new year. It allows you to engraved jewelry extra special.

    No other gift more beautiful than a flower, it is as an evergreen gift items, has a long history, still famous among people. You can choose your New Year's enduring gift that will make your gift unique and attention seekers flowers.

    Gift Basket
    One of the best options for gifts can be used is gift baskets, indeed to the many satisfied people, a person who present it and a person who receive it. It gives really a happy moment, when they got it to the recipient. Gift baskets in a different range, and in accordance with people's choice, but also full of different things. It can install something different cards, beer, snacks, chocolate, candy, fruit, cookies and other that you can give to the person who you desire to gifted.


    There are basic things or qualities to look out for when searching for a marriage partner. Don’t just marry anybody you meet or claim you love. Most marriages fail today because the husband and wife rushed into the whole issue and later discovered they were not compatible in many areas. To have a happy marriage in future, there are certain things you have to start doing now. If you marry the right person you will have a totally stress free marriage .Don’t sit in your house and expect God to choose your partner for you. He will not because He knows that you might one day complain about the fact that you were not allowed to choose. In the Bible, Jacob wanted Rachel and was frustrated when they gave him Leah. He worked until he had Rachel, whom he loved. The bible says ‘’A prudent wife is from the lord” (Proverbs 19:14).but this prudent wife from the lord has to be found. The bible again says “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the lord. (Proverbs 18:22).A good wife has to be found. God is prepared to guide you in your search .He promised to do so. ‘I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you shall go: I will guide you with my eye.” (Psalms 32:8)To begin your search for a marriage partner, you have to first know yourself.
    for better for worse
    Who are You?
    If you are going to look for a helper fit for you, then the first thing you think about is not what you want in a partner, but who you are and what you have to offer to the partner. Without knowledge of yourself, you will not know who is compatible to you. Do not just close your eyes and choose the wrong person and expect God to perform a miracle to make your relationship harmonious.It is important to know yourself spiritually, intellectually, sexually, physically, health wise, habits, and even your ancestral background.Below are some questions you should ask yourself.
    Spiritual and intellectual background.
    · Are you committed to the will of God without reservation?
    · Have you made progress in your prayer life? Will you be able to help someone make rapid progress in prayer or are you still a baby Christian?
    · Do you hate sin with your entire being? Have you been delivered from its dominion?
    · What is the purpose of your life on earth? Will your husband or wife help you to accomplish it?
    · What is your academic level through formal education and informal education? What intellectual level should your partner have that would best blend with yours? etc

    Physical, sexual and emotional background.
    · Are you tall or short, fat or slim? do you have the capacity of becoming fat? If yes, can you be disciplined with food?
    · What type of people of the opposite sex are you pleased with? the short, tall, slim, light or dark in complexion? etc.
    · Are you hot or cold sexually?, are you easily or not easily aroused sexually?
    · Are you easily attracted to the opposite sex you come in contact with or do you easily establish a relationship ,break it ,forget about it and establish another?.
    · Emotionally, ask yourself if you are an extrovert or an introvert? Do you make friends easily or are you generally suspicious of people and slow to trust them?
    · Do you easily recover when hurt or you worry over it for a long time? Do little things bother you ?.
    Habits and health conditions.
    ·Are you an orderly and neat person or a disorderly and dirty person? Do you prefer to be quiet or do you like noise?
    · Do you easily adjust to new situations, places, people and even ideas or not?.
    · Do you complain a lot or do you easily laugh at silly things and refuse to let them weigh you down?.
    · Are you healthy or frequently sick?
    Do you have a body odor?, any serious handicap? .How do you behave when you or someone is sick? do you need attention? do you sympathize with the sick, listen to them and help them?

    Ancestral background.
    · Do you come from a broken or healthy home?
    · What was the relationship between your parents like? Lovely, friendly?
    · What are the main character traits of your family members and the ancestors? Were they generous or stingy?, moral or immoral?. Did they have any fear for God? .How did they treat their wives, husband and children?
    · Were they hardworking or lazy?
    · What type of environment did you grow up in? In wealth or poverty?
    There are many more questions you can ask yourself .When you have answered these questions honestly and clearly, you will have a clear idea of who you are and what to search for  in a partner. It is important to face these aspects and not to ignore them under the context that one is in love. If you don’t know yourself, you will not know what you want in a partner and when you meet the right person you will not know because you don’t have any focus.
    Now that you know yourself, you should go ahead to find out which person of the opposite sex is compatible to you spiritually, intellectually, sexually, physically etc.


    Marriage Considerations

    There are pitfalls in both these approaches to marriage that will kill the romance, destroy the commitment, and ultimately end the marriage. Outlined below are seven key questions that need to be answered prior to marriage in order to handle these pitfalls as they may arise.
    1. Do you and your partner accept each other as you are? Too often, a commitment has been made to a relationship with an unrealistic notion that bad habits can be changed later. Some habits can change over time such as smoking, drinking. But other habits that make up the persons personality are most likely unchangeable, such as laziness, sloppiness, and extreme frugality.
    2. Do you like each other? If your partner is not your best friend and confidant, then you stand to put a wedge in the relationship before it even starts.
    3. Are your values compatible? Not only should you have similar values but also your values should have the similar priority levels. For instance, if one partner values family, faith and generosity and the other partner values family, hard work and frugality, then you can see where a rift may form.
    4. Are you compatible in the way you communicate? Being able to mutually express your feelings, your wants and your needs is key to a healthy marriage. Problems arise when one person is "me, me, me," and the other person is "I don't want to talk about it right now." Communicating means talking and listening in a way that adds value to the conversation.
    5. Are you compatible in your optimism? Having hope for a bright future and a "can do" attitude will always prevail over the negativity that sometimes enters a marriage when the stresses of everyday life start to feel overwhelming.
    6. Are you compatible in your spiritual growth? Of course, spirituality is not a prerequisite for getting married. However, when one partner is spiritual and the other is not then complications will arise eventually. For Christians, spiritual growth is the lifelong path one follows to become more like Christ. For other religions it is a path to enlightenment. And for the non religious, spiritual growth is an impediment to their religious belief system.
    7. Can you both agree that love alone is not enough? As romantic a notion can be, love alone cannot conquer everything. All of the above must be taken into considerations prior to getting married. If there is little of the above then how can there be love?


    How to Ask Boyfriend to Marry Me?

    You’ve been in a relationship for a while now and find that it’s time to formally bond in the institution of marriage, but your boyfriend is yet to pop the question or even show signs of wanting to get married. This is not a very uncommon scenario and as a girl it might be a disconcerting to play the waiting game when you really just want to get married as soon as possible. 

    If you are wondering whether it’s alright to be the first one to propose marriage, then rest assured that in many relationships it’s the girl who initiates the talk of get married. There are many guys who would be slightly apprehensive about marriage as it involves a lot of practical aspects and planning (both financially and socially), so they would bide their time even if they are totally committed to the relationship. You might have to initiate discuss along these lines so that he starts thinking about it seriously. 

    Here are a few tips on how to ask your boyfriend to marry you, or rather how to initiate the talk of marriage. 

    Don’t be too dramatic about it – The last thing you want to do is go on your knees and propose marriage in some public place. Most guys would find that totally embarrassing and awkward. It’s quite the norm for guys to do such things when they propose, but coming from a girl it might make him turn red as a beet. In fact it’s best to vouch this topic when you are in a private place. 

    Be playful when you vouch the question – Keep a playful attitude when you ask him about marriage, even if you are a little edgy or nervous about what his reaction will be. The last thing you want to do is spook the guy. So just slip in the question as playfully as you can, you can say something like “So Mr.Boyfriend when are planning to marry me?” or “When do I get to call you my hubby?” 

    Don’t come across as being needy – If you display any form of dependence or neediness, he will find it repulsive subconsciously. It’s true for guys and girls that the attraction factor reduces when they find their partner being overly dependent or needy. That’s why it’s all the more important to play it as cool as possible. 

    Let him know that you want to get married – If your boyfriend does not give you a specific answer, go ahead and tell him that you are looking to get married and settle down as soon as possible. Most guys start thinking about marriage seriously when they see that their girlfriend has made up her mind about it. If he finds that you are as uncertain as he is about marriage, he will not mind delaying it further. 

    Ask him why he hasn’t proposed marriage yet – You can put on a pout and ask him why he hasn’t proposed to you yet. Be sure to get a specific answer to this question because it would clarify his stand point. If he tells you that he has not considered the possibility of marriage, ask him if he is really committed to the relationship. 

    Be willing to talk about the practical aspects – Marriage is a totally different ball game and it takes relationship into a different level altogether. There are several practical aspects to be considered which you may not have thought about before. There are social issues like meeting with the families and relatives and then there are financial issues like getting a house and other necessities. May be your boyfriend is apprehensive about one or many of these issues. It helps to talk out the practical aspects involved in marriage and help him feel comfortable about it. 

    Don’t pressurize him directly – There is absolutely no point in pressurizing him about marriage. The fact remains that he is either willing to get married or he is not, that’s totally his decision. If you put any emotional pressure on him it will backfire later when he will blame you for all the marital problems. Be sure to let him know that your parents and relatives are looking forward to see you married as soon as possible, this puts some indirect pressure rather than direct one. 

    In conclusion, as a girl when you ask your boyfriend about marriage it’s all about being classy and cool. You don’t want the guy to feel you are “hooked” and that he can take you for granted, this is a sure way to give your control away completely. A healthy relationship is the one where both partners share an equal control without being overly dependent on the other. Neediness or dependence, on the part of the guy or the girl, can easily reduce attraction.