How Does a Man Behave When He is in Love With You

4 Behaviors of a Guy When He is in Love With You

Usually when a guy falls in love with a girl, he will act differently. They will try their very best to get your attention. They might change themselves in terms of behaviors and personalities but of course to a better person.

In this article, you will know more on how a guy behaves when he is in love with you.

When a guy falls in love with you, he will become a bit shy. Some guys are just not brave enough to show their true feelings and some are just scared the girls might turn them down. But believe me girls, from the way a guy communicates with you, you can actually guess if they are interested in you or not. He will talk to you in a soft tone and politely.

If this happens, all you have to do is to be responsive as an encouragement for him to be more talkative and not to be too shy with you. For example, for the first few times of meeting, he will ask something related to you so that he can get to know you better. Respond to him and at the same time you can try to ask him about himself too.

After he managed to get to know you better, the next step is to show his care and concern for you. A guy who falls in love with you will become a more thoughtful and caring person. He will always want to know about you. From time to time, he will send text messages just to make sure that you are fine. When he misses you too much, he will give you a call. From your voice, he will be able to know if you are alright or not.

When a guy cares so much about you, it shows that you are someone important to him. Therefore, caring is another way a guy behaves when he is in love with you.

When a guy is interested in you, he will appear to be very helpful and supportive. He will always listen to your problems and try his best to help you. He wants you to sense his existence and most importantly is you will feel that he is the one you can rely on whenever you need someone.
For example, if you face any problem from your work place, he will try to understand the situation and provide you with a good solution. This is actually what a girl needs in life - a reliable guy who will always being helpful and supportive.

A sweet gentleman
Lastly, the most important behavior of a guy when he falls in love with you is to be a sweet gentleman. He will start of with sweet talks to make you happy (as if you are the queen of his heart). Sometimes, he will send a few text messages in a day just to tell you he misses you a lot. He will be the very first person to send you a morning message and the last person of the day to give you  sweet good night messages before you go to bed.

Besides sweet talks, his actions can be sweet as well. Once in a while he will bring you out for a candlelight dinner and a movie.

As a conclusion, when a guy falls in love with you, he can become a very adoring and loving person. All his behaviors show his sincerity and seriousness in developing a long lasting relationship with you. When a guy has all the personalities mentioned above, he is deeply in love with you.  
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They say love is sweeter the second time around. But when the first is actually more of a breakup or a divorce, can you really look forward to a second chance at love?

Being a 2nd-time singleton shortly after you have become a divorcee could be anything but exciting if you haven’t been in the dating circle for a long time. And there are reasons for the anxiety. Dating today is a totally different thing from the dating that you knew. But don’t be disheartened. A woman as charming as you won’t wait long until you find true love — again.

The most important No-No the moment you decide to be available again is to NEVER compare your dates to your ex. Although it is natural to make a mental comparison, using your ex as a standard for your future partner is a very unfair thing, not to mention very foolish. Whether you seek your ex’s good attitudes in your present dates or you immediately spot the same uncanny bad character flaw, comparing the ex and the present prospect is a plain dead end. The wise thing to do is to find a guy whom you like as he is, so there will never be a point of comparison.

Don’t look back. Forgetting an ex means forgetting an ex, and not reminiscing good memories. Remind yourself that ex means past. If time and again you look back, you will never fully see what’s before you. Decide once and for all if there’s a point in holding on and hope for a reunion, or if you need something more than what you had and be happy about your new-found freedom.

With relationship breakdown on the increase, what's the secret to making a second partnership work? Learn from your mistakes and be ready to tackle problems

After a break-up you feel like you'll never find love again. But then you do - and it feels amazing. Sadly, however, a much higher percentage of second committed relationships fail than first ones do. In America a staggering 80% of second marriages fail. This is why even if you're not planning to remarry, you need to take care when you move into a 'second- time-around' relationship.

Leave the past behind

Only move into a new relationship when you're over and well clear of the old one. It's tempting to leap into romance on the rebound from a break-up, but, without realising it, you may choose your new partner unwisely. The distress that comes with relationship breakdown may affect your judgement, and you risk bringing baggage and upset from your old relationship into your new one.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to heal, and this involves going through all the natural stages that follow a break-up. Do enough crying. Get as angry as you need to be. Work at building your confidence back up. Work through the natural grief, fury and depression, in order to feel ready to love again - without the baggage.

Make sure you learn the lessons that have come out of your old relationship. Think through how you met, how you chose to be with each other, how your love developed, how you handled problems. Think about what went wrong and why. Once you know this, you'll be far better placed to make a second relationship work.

Get to know your new love

It's particularly important to really get to know the person you are committing to in a second relationship, because of what both of you are bringing more into the situation: more age, more experience, more history - and more potential for problems.

Don't just judge your new partner on surface details like his looks, the sex and his lifestyle. Talk about how you feel, how you think and what you want out of life? Make sure you discuss not only your past relationships and what went wrong, but your early life and how this has shaped you into the person you are.

These conversations don't need to happen on the first date, but when a real sense of commitment starts to form, you do need to talk these issues through. It'll not only help you to understand each other better, but by talking intimately about your experiences and feelings you'll naturally feel closer, too.

A final tip: Don't treat these conversations as normal chats, with each of you chipping in and arguing. You'll need more emotional space than usual to talk these issues through. Take it in turns to talk. Give each other the space to express your feelings.

Get the deal straight

One of the potential problems each partner faces is that they have different expectations of the relationship. This is true of every relationship, whether it's your first time around or third. But if you've previously had a long-term relationship, you'll have a more fixed idea of what to expect, and your ideas may clash.

Check out each of your expectations ahead of time. Here's a checklist of topics to discuss. Take it in turns to talk and then compare your answers.

A: What do you mean by 'a committed relationship'? What do committed partners do that people who are 'going out' don't?
B: How do you ideally see us being once we're together, whether that's living together or married?
C: How do you imagine things changing between us once we're together?
D: How will you want me to be once we're together?
E: What do you think is the man's role in a committed relationship? What do you think is a woman's role?
F: What about the practicalities: where would we live? How will we manage our money? Would I work? Would we start a family together? How often will we see each other's families? (These issues are particularly vital for second time around relationships.)

If you share similar answers to these questions, then you've no big problems to tackle. You may, however, find you clash over some of these issues and have pinpointed areas that need tackling. Basically, you need to work to understand each other's expectations and to negotiate a deal that suits you both.

Helpful hints for long-term lovers

It can be tempting to think that because you've already had a committed relationship before, you know all the basics. But being with someone long-term can mean that you get out of practice with the simple but vital things like good communication. Make time to brush up on the basics and to remind yourself of what it takes to make a partnership work. This checklist will help you to get started:

A: Have time alone together every day, just touching down on what's happened in your day and how it's affected you
B: Express your needs - unless you each ask for what you want, you'll never get it
C: When each of you wants different things, learn how to get win-win solutions
D: Manage your critical emotions; don't dump anger or blame on each other but, equally, don't let dissatisfaction with the relationship fester
E: However long you've been together, celebrate each other and the relationship
F: Keep talking - particularly when you feel low or things are tough between you.

Problem spots

Some problems crop up again and again. Here are four of the most common problem spots, and some advice on how you can handle them:

1. Blending lifestyles

The older you are, the harder it is to move into someone else's life or have them move into yours. Be prepared to accommodate. Allow each of you to have 'private space'; if possible, your own room where you can have things your way.

Allow each other to spend time alone each day. Make sure you do things together - but that you also have the opportunity to do things independently.

Be respectful and tolerant of each other's habits. If you like to have breakfast in bed on a Sunday but your partner rises early to go for a jog, take it in turns to keep each other company - even if that means you have to go for a run!

2: Ex problems

It can be tricky to cope if an ex is still part of your partner's life. The secret is to remember that you have split from your respective exes for very good reasons and have now chosen to be with each other. The ex, however difficult and awkward, is history. Put your jealousy to one side and concentrate on developing a united front. Make a deal with your partner about how you're going to handle your exes. If you sense that, actually, you or your partner are still not entirely over an ex, then you will have to face up to the fact that you are not truly committed to your current relationship.

3: Coping with kids

The secret to avoiding difficulty is the same secret that underpins all strong relationships - communication. Talk about how you are going to handle your respective children. Discuss your expectations and, in particular, how you're going to handle disciplining your kids. Talk to your children. The more they feel involved in your commitment, the more they will feel able to support it.

4: Repeating the same mistakes

If you find yourself slipping into the same horrendous situations with your new love as you did with your old one, don't panic. It's not surprising you do that - after all, there's one major unchanging factor: you! Of course you'll fall into the same traps and meet the same challenges. But it is possible to change.


At times, all the effort and wishes in the world can’t save a relationship. And at some other times, we find ourselves stuck in a relationship where we’re not happy at all. So what should you do, break up and move on, or hold on in the hope of better days?

Should you Break Up with your Partner?
You’ve tried everything from counseling to talking about it with friends and family. You may have given it your all. But sometimes, it’s hard to hold a relationship that’s torn at the seams already. You may pull and you may tug, but it would only tear your worlds further apart. It may be hard to accept it, but it may, indeed, be the time to break up.
The idea of breaking up may drive you insane. You may have been together for years and the thought of living apart could devastate you, but when things happen the way you don’t intend it to happen, you have to understand that it’s not the end of your life, it’s just the end of a relationship. If you have to get the courage to walk out, you need to learn from everything around you.

You will need to understand that the end of one phase of your life, inevitably, means the beginning of another. The strength to move on comes from within you, not from your friends or your family. It’s the decision you take that will help you walk out or stay behind. It takes strength to face reality, to accept something that you don’t want to accept, to end something that you wished would last forever. It takes greater strength and tenacity to end something than to start it. And nothing can feel worse than to cling to a relationship that doesn’t exist anymore.
Learning lessons
As hard as the pain may be, look around you for lessons that you can learn. Look at the potted plants, with its roots completely filling the pot. They cling so tight to the pot, and they don’t realize that there is a larger world out there, a world where they can spread out and grow better. Even when we break the pot, the roots take the shape of the pot, and it takes many months for the roots to spread out. Are you like that? You know you can break free, and yet you stay in a miserable rut, without setting foot into the world without your mate, too afraid to move on?
Remember your favorite sweater, the one that you always used to wear and you used to feel so comfortable in. You used to wear that at home, outside when the weather was chilly, and when you played with your friends. Over time, the sweater got old and began to fade. You mum told you to stop wearing it, but you loved it too much to stop wearing it. Eventually the seams gave way and the frayed sweater tore away. You were sad, and you cried because you really really loved your favorite sweater. But the hurt didn’t last too long, because your sweet mum brought you a beautiful overcoat that was much better than your favorite sweater.
Now don’t you wish relationships could be that easy and simple, just as easy as buying a new sweater or an overcoat? It can be, if you just make up your mind and believe the fact that life can be a lot better once you walk out of a love that doesn’t exist anymore. There are a lot of lessons that you can learn around you, and they can only inspire you and give you the strength.


No matter what age you are or level of dating experience, reading men’s interest in you can be a struggle.

Many men prefer to remain a mystery, opting for privacy in all areas of their lives until they are ready to make a major commitment. God bless the fella who will tell you his intentions up front. But for most men, catching on to their subtle (and not-so-subtle) cues can be an easier way to get their message and avoid unnecessary heartbreak. If you are wondering if your guy is on the fence, but are unsure of whether you should jet, here are 14 telltale signs that he is just not that into you. If anyone you are seeing exhibits a significant number of these traits, it is time to tell him to move along.

1. He takes forever to text or email you back
In this technological age, there is nothing easier than sending someone a quick email or text. If your male companion takes hours — or even days — to respond to these simple forms of communication with even one line of acknowledgment, it’s time to kick him to the curb. This is not only lazy — it’s also rude. He might not be sending you a text message, but he is certainly sending you a clear message of another kind. On to the next one!

2. He maintains physical and emotional distance
Does he often break eye contact, even in private? Or withhold sharing personal details about his life? On the physical and emotional levels, a guy who will not share just doesn’t want to go too deep. That can be fine for a fling, but it’s not worth making an emotional investment on your part. If you have had your fun, it’s time to move on to brighter horizons.

3. He never comes over to your house
Men don’t like to go out of their way — especially if they are not that into you. A guy who likes you wants to make efforts to show you are special to him. Someone who won’t even drive to your house or take the subway can’t be expected to give much in the long term. There are other top-notch fish in the sea. Trust.

4. He avoids touching you in public
If your guy friend loves to embrace, kiss and cuddle in the privacy of your home, but won’t even hold your hand on the street, this is a major warning sign. Either he doesn’t want to be seen as being “with” you, or he is scared one of his other lovers (or his wife!) will see you out in public. Drop this dude if he won’t even hold your hand.

5. He rudely shoots down your ideas
A guy can disagree with your way of seeing the world and still care. If all he does is disrespectfully disregard your perspective when communicating, he likely doesn’t think much of you. You don’t want to be with someone who can’t treat you nicely, especially when you are simply talking. Next!

6. He only sees you after midnight
It’s hard if you really like someone to open your eyes and admit to yourself that to him, you are a booty call. If you can handle that, more power to you. But don’t expect this relationship to go anywhere. If you want more from a man, it’s time to search elsewhere.

7. He won’t let you leave things at his house
If you are at his place often, a guy who is into you will be happy to let you stow essentials there. But if someone you are frequently dating won’t even let you leave a toothbrush at his house he is either a) an obsessive compulsive neat freak, or b) trying to hide you from other women. In either case, you might want to distance yourself.

8. He attends major events without you
Friend’s house party? Parents’ anniversary dinner? Maybe even his own birthday? Sometimes a man wants to maintain his independence. And at other times he wants to ensure that you don’t get too involved in his life so he can move on any time. If he never wants you around at a time of life that’s meaningful, you don’t mean that much to him. You also have better ways to spend your time — with family and friends who really care.

9. He refuses to make future plans with you — short- or long-term
Does this guy squeeze you into the corners of his life? Refuse to plan weekends away? Keep his schedule open weeks in advance? If he only makes last-minute plans with you, while cramming in other activities with friends, he is just not that into you. Sorry, but you deserve better.

10. He flakes out on plans you do have at the last minute
This is another clear sign that he does not respect you or your time. Make room in your life for someone who does.

11. He’s already involved with someone else
This man might say he loves you, but if he is seriously involved with another women, he can’t really be giving you his all. He is a man divided, so how into you could he be? Worse, even if he did leave his mate for you, he has lied to her. He will likely lie to you. You don’t want that. Stay strong and carry on to another man.

12. He doesn’t seem that interested in intimacy
If your sex life with dude is little to nothing, he is basically saying that he can do without you. This is rude, frustrating, and a little cruel. You don’t need that. Do what you’ve got to do for you, and find that man who makes you feel desirable.

13. He pulls a disappearing act
When you don’t see a man for days, weeks or months at a time without explanation, he is just not that into you. He might be seeing other people, or simply doesn’t want to spend his time with you. If you aren’t seen as life-enhancing by this man, take the time to find someone who cherishes you. Your time, energy and love are worth it.

14. He encourages you to date other people
This is a sure sign that he wants to be totally free, and is not in a mind to commit himself. You probably won’t change him, so why waste your time? No guy is worth it. You deserve a man who wants to spend quality time with you, and reflects back to you your own self worth. There are people out there who will treat you with loving respect. If your significant other exhibits many of these behaviors, take the hint and resist investing another minute. You deserve the best in life. Keep striving until you find the love you deserve.


While we don’t claim to know the essence of a male, we’ve worked and played with them all our life that we think we can identify the reasons why they lie about cheating – or why they keep ghosts in their closets. Some frustrated women will even go to the extent of saying that men lie, period. Not just about cheating but also about everything else.


We’ll venture some educated guesses:

• relationship with parents – when a boy grows up in a home atmosphere where his parents demand that he excel in everything he does – academics, sports, community service – there comes a time when he is saturated and feels that a white lie wouldn’t hurt once in a while. “Professor Roberts loved my essay, dad”; “I scored a home run today, mom”; “yes, I called Mrs. James’ daughter. I’ll ask her out on a date soon.” Pleasing his parents can be a considerable source of pressure for a young lad who is struggling with his own identity and at the same time living up to the expectations of his folks. His own parents may be prominent citizens or accomplished individuals in the arts, sciences or in business, and he feels that he’s an extension of them. When he plays the part and has to complement his parents’ image, he will, once in awhile, seek escape and utter a lie, so as not to displease them. This is repeated in his marriage. Sometimes he may find it difficult to live up to his wife’s expectations and will realize that it’s sometimes good to lie to keep the peace.
• reputation to protect – when a man feels that he is looked up to by colleagues, friends, neighbors and by his own family, he will feel compelled to cover up any behavior that is perceived to be unacceptable or wrong. Why ruin a reputation that he’s taken years to build? Why not let his co-workers continue believing that he’s a faithful husband and loving father?
• avoidance of confrontation –some men would do anything to avoid a confrontation with their wives. There is no point having a huge drama at home and dealing with a hysterical wife who won’t listen to reason. Men will deliberately lie about cheating to avoid the third degree and a messy predicament if they’re caught.
• fun and enjoyment – some men are natural skirt chasers. They are perpetual admirers of the female silhouette. They enjoy the company of other women but don’t necessarily want to leave their wife. Some like to play around – it doesn’t mean they want a divorce or they’re unhappy. In fact some men who cheat actually love their wives very much and would not dream of living the rest of their days without them. But a little infidelity breaks the monotony of a there’s something exciting – the adrenalin boost - about playing hookey.
• desire not to take the blame – some men are aware that if their wives ever caught them cheating, they would file for a divorce. If their cheating can be proven, lawyers and judges would penalize them and throw them to the cleaners. Why admit that they cheated? They could end up losing the divorce battle, paying more.
• chronic lying – some, NOT all men are chronic liars. They’ll lie about everything – how much they make, how good they are at their jobs, and how much they love their families. They’re experts at flattery (“nice dress, it highlights your curves, sweetheart”) and have no qualms about uttering a lie, no matter how brazen that lie is. They’re con men disguised in fine haberdashery. They’re the type who’ll say anything as a means to an end. Cheating? They’re good at it but will never admit it. Lying is ingrained deep in their character.

When Men Lie About Cheating – Telltale Signs
Women are good at sniffing. They possess an undefined instinct for detecting a lie, white or not. They’re particularly sensitive to men who lie about cheating because that’s one of the “occupational hazards” that comes with saying “I do.” If you confront your spouse and he insists that he never cheats and would never dream of cheating on you – then don’t push it. There’s no point starting a fight. But if you have the slightest suspicion, be vigilant for telltale signs. There are good reasons for remaining silent. You know the saying, “silence is golden.” You can keep track of his infidelities and use them later should you end up in divorce court.

• unexplained disappearances – you’re at a party and your husband disappears for a few minutes. He’s not mingling with the guests. He’s in some room upstairs in the house or behind the bushes making a phone call;
• sudden business trips where he can’t be reached – why does he insist on “don’t call me, I’ll call you? Why does he conveniently “forget” to tell you what hotel he’s staying in? Why can’t his secretary tell you?
• charges on his credit card – there’s a $250.00 charge for a gold bracelet from a jewellery store. How come you’re not wearing it?
• untouchable cell phone – he guards his cell phone with his life and won’t let you use it. He even brings it to the toilet and is careful not to leave it lying around.
• weird telephone messages – “Ma’am, could you please tell Mr. Roberts that I’ve fixed the leak in his condo and that I’ll be sending him my bill soon?” Didn’t he say he can’t afford a summer cottage because he’s still waiting for his stock options to come through?
• no sexual advances in the last little while – why isn’t he romantically flirting with you anymore? Is he getting it somewhere else? Too tired from all that activity?
• absent-mindedness, distractions – you feel your husband hardly listens to you or barely manages small talk. It’s like his mind is somewhere else – and you know it isn’t on work.
• ringing phone, no one there – your husband’s girlfriend tries to call him at home but when you answer, the line goes dead.
• he smells funny, has hair strands on his coat – you don’t recognize the perfume, and the color of the hair strands is not your hair color.
• suddenly a gym freak – he said he hates gyms and hates to exercise. Why is he in the gym 8 days a week and looking desperately lean and mean all of a sudden?
Ideally, the best thing is not to emotionally react when you catch your husband lying about cheating. Collect evidence like a good and calculating detective. Men tend to run away from a highly-charged emotional confrontation, they can’t deal with wild accusations, tears and flying saucers. Be cool and psychologically stable. Instead of ranting and raving about why men lie about cheating, find out why they cheat.

Ask your husband calmly why he cheated. Show him the evidence. Maybe he’ll be ready to tell you the truth if you’re not angry. And maybe you can suggest couples therapy.

Remember, there can be many reasons why men lie about cheating. Keep the communication lines open. It doesn’t mean the love between you is dead. It can simply mean it wasn’t allowed to flourish because of problems at home or that something in the marriage needs a fix.


Below is our collection of cheap anniversary ideas to help make your anniversary unforgettable. They are inexpensive and simple ways to spend time with your spouse and show them just how much you love them!

Having an unforgettable anniversary does not always include exchanging expensive gifts, going on vacation or spending lots of money. You can take a romantic idea or two and spin them into memories that will last a life time! Remember, preparation and presentation is everything. Give from the heart and it will always be a special and memorable anniversary.

Take a Trip to Nowhere
Pack your bags with some clothes and the spirit of adventure! Leave your house with no specific plans and see where you end up. You can stop to eat when you are hungry and stop to sleep someplace when you are tired. All along the way you can stop wherever things look fun and interesting. You will be sure to end up with an unforgettable anniversary!

Plan a Romantic “Mystery Night” 
You or your spouse plans the entire night or weekend and then surprises the other with what they have arranged. Be creative and this doesn’t have to cost very much.

Plan a Stay-cation With a Theme
A stay-cation means you stay home with a vacation state of mind. You can turn off the phones, leave the mail, and turn your home into a retreat for the day or weekend. Be sure to get everything you need beforehand (food, beverages, movies, suntan lotion) so you will not have to leave the house unless you want to. You can also have fun with a theme (tropical, winter villa etc.). With proper preparation you can have an unforgettable time without spending much money.

Plan a Camping Trip 
This is trip for just the two of you where you won’t be distracted by the outside world. You can spend your time with each other communing with nature!

Rent a Boat For the Day
Pack yourself a cooler full of romantic foods complete with champagne and glasses!

Create Your Own Private Blackout
Turn off the power (or at least the lights) and pretend that you have to make due with candles, flashlights and do what comes natural! 


How to attract Love using the Law of Attraction
People who have heard about the Law of Attraction and want to learn how to use it to manifest their dreams often have specific goals in mind i.e. they want more money, a better job or a nice house. One of the most common questions I see asked online is ‘how can I use the law of attraction to attract love?' or ‘ is it possible to manifest love?' The answer to these questions is pretty simple. The law of attraction will work for what ever you want to manifest as long as you follow the formula.
So what is the formula? Ask - Believe - Release - Receive.
But before we get to the formula and attracting love into your life there is some groundwork that needs to be done first. As with all manifestations you first need to be clear before you begin. Getting clear simply means that your mind is free from excess baggage from other relationships, making sure that there are no negative emotions like fear or self-doubt stopping you from attracting the man/woman of your dreams. Here are some tips to help you get clear.
Check on your self-love level.
Spend some time in reflection to discover your feelings about yourself, decide if you truly love yourself, if you think highly of yourself or if you think you are worthy or loving.
Make note of your self-love level
Take a piece of paper and write down all the good things about yourself, make note of how kind and caring you are, how smart you are, what nice teeth you have, what great legs you have, how compassionate you are, how passionate you are, what a great listener you are, what a great husband/wife you would make, how deserving you are of love, how good you are at gardening, plumbing, writing, speaking... just what ever you can think of that is good about yourself write it down. Note though that the manifestation process works much faster if you truly believe what you are writing down about yourself.
Believe you are ready
Carry this piece of paper around with you for as long as it takes for you to truly believe that you are all the things you said you are. Convince yourself that you are confident, worthy and ready for love. This process is basically preparing you for receiving love and it is very important because if you do not love yourself you will not be able to attract love. The first love affair you must have is with yourself.
After the clearing process you will be ready to place your order for love with the universe. To do this you must be absolutely sure about the kind of relationship/person you want to attract. If you are unclear about this you will send mixed messages to the universe and you will attract a mixed bag of candidates. Remember the law of attraction states that like attracts like, whatever thoughts you put out there will return to you.
Make a note of your desires
Take another piece of paper and this time write down a full description of the type of person you want to attract, be as precise and clear as possible. Make your descriptions positive; do not allow any negatives on your list. For instance do not write ‘I do not want my partner to be abusive' instead write ‘my ideal partner is kind and supportive'. Put down every little detail that you want in the person you intend to attract, the clearer you are about your intention the easier it will be for the universe to deliver what you want.
Forget what you do not want
Often when people are asked what they want, they immediately recite a great long list of things that they do not want. People are often extremely clear about what they do not want and spend a great deal of time lamenting the fact. This is why they continuously fall into the same types of relationships, they are getting what they are focusing on and they are focusing on what they do not want. Therefore if you want to successfully manifest your ideal partner you need to forget what you do not want, and channel your energies into what you DO want.
This is often the most challenging part, but if you have gone through the clearing process and you truly believe that you are worthy and ready for love it will happen very quickly. At this stage it is also very important to keep you vibration level high. In other words stay focused and positive for a long as you can. If at any time you find negative thoughts invading your mind, change your thinking immediately to something positive, try to keep your mood light and happy, remain focused and think only of how great it will be when you meet your ideal partner.
Act as if
Believe you have already met the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with and act as if they are with you, by this I mean, visualize it, feel the emotions of it, allow yourself to dream about how you will feel when it happens. The universe is a feeling one and your vibrations will be picked up very quickly if you focus your energy on positive emotions.
Set it and forget it
I have nicknamed the releasing process as ‘set it and forget it' because that is exactly what you need to do. You have already gone through the clearing process, so you know exactly what you want, you have asked for desire and you have felt the feelings of having your desire in your possession, so you have ‘set it', now its time to ‘forget it'. If you go into a store and order a bed you will not go back to the store the next day and order the same bed again just in case. So it is with the universe, you must now let go and let the universe bring, that which is unseen into the seen realm.
Do not check up on the universe to make sure it has received your order, that will tell the universe that you do not believe and these thoughts will impede the attraction process. Do not spend time wandering when your desire will manifest and how it will manifest as these are signals of lack of belief. Relax, stay positive and allow the universe to bring your desire to you in the manner in which it sees fit. Do this for as long as it takes to manifest your desire.
Unexpected arrivals
When you have mastered all of the above you will be open to receiving that which you desire, it will often begin with small hints, you may be used to doing your grocery shopping at a particular store and then for some reason you will get a hint or a nudge from the universe to go to another store, do not fight the hint go with it, most likely the reason will be revealed soon after. Being open to receiving is equally as important as all of the other steps I have mentioned so far. If you are not willing to listen to your higher self, the universe, God, Allah, Buddha... whatever you call the Supreme Being, you will miss what is being offered to you.
It is imperative that you relax and release your desires to the universe then and only then will you be open to receiving the relationship and the love that you truly deserve. The Law of Attraction is working 24/7 365, it will not stop for anyone and you can tap into and use this amazing awesome power to create the kind of life and love you have always dreamed about when you know and use the formula for manifesting your desires.

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Men

Treat the tech-savvy man to our exclusive collection of gadgets & tools for men. - tips and new ideas on gifting latest gadgets, unusual, wacky, funny or fun stuffs new and the list of Great famous people! Presents For Men offer a unique collection of over much gifts, Practical objects and gadgets are the best bet for most men & accessories for men

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Men

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Men

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Men

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Men

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Men

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Men

Special Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Him

Last, but certainly not the intelligent designer, the top ten holiday gift may be the most simple compiler. Basically, the idea of ​​what these gifts, I would not mind birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day. Practical yet stylish and functional. Because they will enjoy a luxurious appeal was not luxury price. It is not late to buy any of these gifts. Most online stores offer a reasonable fee or even free expression guaranteed holiday delivered before the delivery.
Special Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Him

Here is a perfect music, games, TV love gifts. In any iPod, Apple offers a free personal engraving and gift packaging and transport.

Special Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Him

Special Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Him
Special Black Silk Boxer Shorts For Him

Special Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Him

Special Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Him
To change their Cologne, ditch or any ragged shoes to do to improve their style and fashion sense, in a subtle way over the point. And one way to do this is through a gift. Therefore, this holiday gift-giving opportunity to enhance their own style. This should not cost much, but can last a lifetime!


Many women have noticed their boyfriend acting a little distant and preoccupied and wondered whether they should ask them What was wrong or just let it go. This can be quite a problem. To handle it you need this expert advice to make him love you again.

Being in love with someone that you feel is drifting away from you can cause a lot of heart ache and confusion. If you come right out and ask him what is the problem, it could give him the opportunity to breakup with you that he is looking for. On the other hand if you just let things go, you will probably lose him anyway. This can put you on edge and make you seem to be the one that is unhappy with the relationship. You might begin to nag and be irritable and this can drive him away even faster.

The reason men start acting distant is because they are no longer happy with the relationship. They might be bored or feel unappreciated. In any case being on edge and irritable will not make him love you again.
Instead you should be looking at yourself and the way you are going about making the relationship a happy one. You might think that showing him more and more affection is the way to keep your man happy, but that is not always the case.

Too much affection can be smothering and if you are constantly calling your boyfriend, he could feel trapped. Men have to have a certain amount of freedom. They need a night out with the guys once in a while. You should develop other interests as well and this will take the pressure off him. Have a night out once a week with your girlfriends and spend more time with your family. If you are not always available he will appreciate his time with you more and not become bored.

Another reason your boyfriend fell out of love with you, might be if you become too pushy in your effort to get him to commit. Some men remember their childhood, when they saw their father grow old before his time from working two jobs in an effort to keep up with the bills. He remembers how his parents used to argue over money matters. This can make him shy away from commitment, and if you push him he will run.

There can be many reasons for a man to become disillusioned with a relationship. The best way to make him love you again is to show him that you are his best friend and that he can confide his problems and fears in you and he will always get real compassion and understanding. If the two of you become true friends instead of just being lovers, he will never fall out of love with you.

People who "fall out of love" can indeed fall back in love.

It happens all the time.

Occasionally I hear people want to end relationships because they have "fallen out of love".

They just don't feel what they once felt hence think the relationship must end so they can find someone else who they truly love.

My response to this is that, most often, "falling out of love" really means, a couple hasn't invested in the relationship in a way to keep love alive and vibrant.

Now, of course there are times where a couple has moved into two different worlds and has no interest in coming together, or a couple finds the relationship unhealthy, and therefore believe it is in the best interest to separate.

But, more often then not, a couple can absolutely rekindle that spark if they want to, and if they are willing to nurture the relationship.

I use the plant analogy a lot but it applies to this situation... if a plant is not given the nutrients it needs to survive it will die. Similarly if a relationship is not given nourishment it too will wilt and ultimately die. But, even a wilted plant can come back to life if given sunlight, water, and healthy soil.

And, the love that was once in a relationship can also come alive again with the proper care. In truth, often couples find their new found love is even stronger and more powerful than previously, and that overcoming the challenge brought them together in new more amazing ways.

To create a vibrant healthy relationship does take time, energy, and determination. It takes a willingness on both parties to move toward love. And it takes knowing that one can, again, fall in love.

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Baby Shower Gift

Reusable Shopping Gift Bag
Find a cute reusable shopping bag and use it in lieu of a traditional paper gift bag. I came across this idea for other gifting occasions, so why not for a baby shower? There are so many stylish reusable shopping bags available now. She will be glad to use it over and over, rather than just throw it out.

Baby Blanket as Baby Gift Wrapping
A friend of mine did this at my baby shower and I thought it was great! She used a cute baby blanket as the gift wrap. (Pictured above in the center.) She laid the blanket out on the floor, stacked the gifts up in the middle and tied it like a bag at the top with a couple more small gifts and the card. This eliminated any trash and looked really cute.

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Baby Shower

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Baby Shower
Handmade Baby Gift Box
I wish I could claim this project as my own. What a gorgeous handmade gift box! It really shows just how creative baby shower gift wrapping can be. It was created by Sandy over at Sandy's Space and measures about 5 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches tall. She says it's meant to hold lightweight items such as a bib, towel or little plush toys. I am sure you could think up several other small necessities that could go inside as well. What a lucky mom who gets this lovely creation!

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Baby Shower

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Baby Shower

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Baby Shower

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Baby Shower

Fabulous Finishing Touches
A few little extra touches can go a long way with baby shower gift wrapping. How about a cute gift tag, a bundle of Mom's favorite candy attached with a ribbon, or a sweet poem about babies. If you have a knack for rhyming words you can write a poem yourself, or look for baby poems here. These little touches will go a long way if you've chosen a gift card as your gift. Mothers-to-be usually love baby shower gift cards, so never feel as if it's a cop-out gift.

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Sunset Animated Gif

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Sad Animated Gif Idea

Sad Animated Gif Animation
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It begins with falling in love and ends with two choices for you. One ending would be is that the love you have for each other will simply be lost through time. The next choice you have is that you will have a love that will stand the test of time. How can you make your love last a lifetime? This is a question we need to know if you're so sure that your lover is the right one for you. From my experience and from what I've heard from all those people who had the chance to make their relationship last, There are things you'll need to do to make your love for each other last.

Here are some of these suggestions to make your love last.

1. Say "I love you" as often as you can

You need to always let your partner feel the love you have simply just by whispering "I love you" as often as possible. And this should not stop even if you're already married. The security of knowing you still love that person will be a reminder that your love for each other is still there.

2. Find the time to get to know each other everyday

Have some time to know what makes your lover happy and sad sometimes. This is important for you so you know what makes your partner be the person that they are. Find time to talk, eat, and dream.

3. Surprise one another once in a while

Be sure to take the extra time you have to reassure one another that you two always feel the same way even if years have passed. Simple surprises like candle lit dinner, or sudden out of town vacation. Any simple surprise will always be remembered through the years.

Love will last if you find the time and energy to work between the two of you. Just remember also that even if you grow as one with your partner, be sure not to lose yourself. Make the effort of keeping your own identity.


The worst part of the end of a relationship can be the lack of one. The open-endedness and plaguing questions of why and how it all went downhill can keep you up at night. We've all been there, waiting for answers that never came and wasting precious time trying to get that closure from an ex who just wasn't willing to give it.

There are tons of books and magazines on how to get him, please him and make him happy, but missing from much of that literature is practical advice on how to get what you need, whether it's answers, closure or the will to just get over him.

I've scoured libraries, the Internet and talked to experts searching for some guidance to help deal with the ambiguous end of a relationship, but most of what I learned didn't come from any of those places. It came from experience. It came from my girl friends' experiences. And it came from being the one left confused and broken-hearted.

Whether it was a long drawn-out breakup or one that ended abruptly without warning, below are some tips on how to move on to bigger and better things—specifically a new you.

Play it cool. The first months after the end of a relationship is spent deconstructing, overanalyzing and explaining to every one you ever met what went wrong. Instead of jumping straight to the trash talk about how he wasn't good in bed, try keeping mum on the subject. This doesn't mean you need to praise him or avoid the topic altogether, but talking it to death will bore your friends and scare new guys away. According to one book I actually found insightful, Delphine Hirsh's The Girl's Guide to Surviving a Breakup, "You don't want your friends to feel as though their lives are unraveling as well or they will not be very helpful to you." Not only will staying tight-lipped on the subject keep your name clear of drama, but it will baffle him as to why you aren't pouring with distraught. Win-win.

Take some responsibility. We tend to either blame the breakup on ourselves or entirely on him, and neither really gets us anywhere. A good friend of mine told me about an umpteen-paged letter she wrote to an ex specifically describing how he hurt her and the fault she was willing to claim. She never sent it. At first I didn't really understand the point, but then I realized venting on paper can be cathartic. There's a big different between wanting someone and needing someone, and if it's the latter (which is often the case) taking some credit for the breakup will help you realize why the breakup was for the best.

Don't play the victim. Women always tend to be the helpless and wounded in movies, and it's seemingly no different when it comes to relationships. According to the American Psychological Association, women are twice as likely to develop depression than men. Don't get me wrong, the sympathy is nice when we feel lost and lonely, but it only makes us that much more vulnerable. Be strong and positive. Easier said than done of course, but the stronger-willed we are, the less likely we are to make bad decisions and be taken advantage of by the hard-to-resist rebound.

Work on you. One of the worst mistakes we make after a bad breakup is letting ourselves go physically, mentally, emotionally—or all the above. We tend to break down and spend too much time in our sweatpants wallowing. And wallowing is good—even needed—for a certain period of time. But after the initial breakup shock has worn off, we need to get off the couch and take care of ourselves. After a devastating breakup with an ex, I spent months in bed, most of which remains a blur of time I'll never get back. Lesson learned. Treat yourself to a manicure or some new highlights. Living well really is the best revenge.

Refocus your life. This step is the hardest because it forces us to admit the relationship is completely over. Sit down and make a new list of priorities—sans ex—and figure out what is important to you. Give precedence to your family, friends, career and yourself. Find ways to fill that time left void by him and try new things. Push for that promotion, reconnect with old friends and take a mini-vacation with your mom or sister. Whatever it is, just count him out.

Now a lot of these tips may seem a little facetious and even idealistic, but the key to getting the closure you need is focusing less on the reasons surrounding the split because you may very well never get them. Allow yourself to cry and rely on friends. Allot yourself that time. Just remember how much time we all spend pining after ex-boyfriends that didn't even give us the time of day to offer an explanation. Then think about how much time it takes to find a new guy and build a better relationship. You do the math.

Broken Heart Gif Image Solution For Whom a Broken Heart

When you are heartbroken, trying to find the strength to stop it. Friends are always close to our strength, which is why your friends enjoy! If it is not enough friends to dig for others. This may be a new hobby, new pets, new jobs, new environment, and some other nations can not endure his broken heart, they can not repair or restore them to describe what life is torn. Therefore, they will not feel free from their emotional prison. They will live forever in the warnings and doubts. Forged Ting and tolerance, no doubt with us. You trust people will find it hard to imagine that our ideas will grow doubtfulness towards others, always uncertain and quations more growth and development until it is the burden of our hearts and emotional state. In a way, it can lead us to pull apart from the community. Then you become anti-social.
Broken Heart Gif

Broken Heart Gif

Broken Heart Gif

Broken Heart Gif

In the 1990-an, Japanese researchers have recognized this phenomenon and dubbed it takotsubo, or Octopus, cardiomyopathy. It is now believed that a was not diagnosed as acute myocardial infarction, a small insignificant part - especially women - is actually above the stress-induced cardiomyopathy. The good news is that once diagnosed and properly treated, cardiac resume shortly.