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Good relationship was created by people but after a sometime they lost there trust, unfaithfulness, dishonesty and relationship is over. 

But it is very difficult to rebuild trust in a broken relationship. When trust is lost then it take a long time and it is difficult to rebuild a long term relationship.

How to rebuild trust in a broken relationship?

Forgive and forget: It is very difficult to forget all things. But your partner is trying to make a fresh start then it is great chance to rebuild your trust.

e honest with your partner because honestly create an intimate between you and your partner. But it is good time be honest with yourself and then be honest with your partner. 
Honest: If you are trying to solve your personal matter then b

Spend time with each other: If you are trying to rebuild your relationship with your partner then try to spend maximum time with your partner.

Value each other's secrets: If your partner is sharing some important secrets with you than listen him/her and try to give a respect to his.her secrets, please avoid launching on your partner.

Have fun with each other: It is great time to have fun with your partner. Try to forget all thing each hurt you and create a distance between you and your partner.

Listen: When your partner is sharing some thing which is so important for you also then listen what he/she is saying, do not avoid him/her topic.

Take responsibility: when you are trying to rebuild your relation then try to take the responsibilities of your family. It is important to take the care of others and try to understand about your responsibility.