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7 Top things Guys like...

Mona Lisa Smile
It is the only thing in the whole wide world that can make even the toughest Herculean task seem miniscule. That one smile on her lips makes you feel like life is great and the world really has good things in store!

Bubbly Laughs
The perfect anti-dote to depression, the soft and innocent laughter of a girl can make all dark clouds vanish in seconds. You feel like your life is all radiant again and all isn’t as bad as thought it is!
Scent of a Woman
Even if it is just shampoo, women have this unique quality of smelling good any time of the day. The mild and fruity smell when you go and hug her after a long and tiring day is enough to drive off the weariness.
Five More Minutes…
Though boys won’t admit it, they don’t really mind waiting for the girls when they are getting ready. The perfection in every crease and that gorgeous make-up that transforms the Plain Jane into a Femme Fatale makes the entire wait worthwhile.
The Three Magical Words
Every guy craves to hear those three lovely words from the lips of a girl and the sheer magic lies in the way she says it. With that cute smile, tilted head and sparkling eyes, when she says “I Love You”, it feels like you would go to any lengths to make that magic live forever.
Their Strength
No, we are not talking about the physical strength but the emotional strength. A woman can stand up against any force that may threaten her loved ones. She can be fiercely protective and possessive about those she cares for and anyone who tries to challenge it, usually repents. She can heal a wounded heart, soothe a lost soul and be a shoulder to cry on.
Fight Club
Though it may seem weird, but girls actually do look cute when they argue and fight. Their noses flare up, their cheeks turn pink and their hands just don’t stop moving. The best part about this is when the fight ends, they say they won’t ever get angry again and then hug you and cry!