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The request for this hub is pretty coincidental to something I went through yesterday. One of my really good friends- who just happens to be a woman- is having problems in her relationship. You see, her boyfriend is a douche. He is this pretty boy who feels that he is God's gift to women, and he treats her as if she is a Wrigley Field toilet. (If you don't know about Wrigley Field toilets, just Google it.)
As a man, my point of view is going to be a little better than a woman's because I know a little more about the way we men think. You see, back in the day I was a douche too. I treated women horribly, used them, and for lack of a better word, dicked them over on many occasion. It wasn't until I found "The One" and got dicked over myself that I realized that what I had been doing was inexcusable. I learned from that experience, and ever since have been what many women in the community like to call, "The Best Guy Ever".
So, as the best guy ever I can tell you that if you feel you are getting taken for granted by the man you love, you need to do one thing: Tell him. If you are unhappy in any way, then you need to be vocal about it. If you are not, you can shift the blame to yourself because the guy feels like he is doing nothing wrong. He is treating you the only way he knows how.

Once you speak up and tell Douchey McDouche that you are unhappy and you give him honest reasons why and what it is you need for him to change, it's time to sit back and relax and watch the transformation. Your boyfriend is going to do one of two things. Change for the better.....which is the best case scenario....or change for the worse.....which is not what you really want. If your boyfriend changes for the worse, and blames juvenile stuff on you, you need to realize nothing is your fault. You just so happen to be dating a four year old.
I know you probably love this guy, but guess what? You should never have to sacrifice your happiness. A relationship is something that needs to get worked on so both parties are comfortable and happy. If one of you is miserable, then it's time to part ways. This might seem horrible because you love him, but it's going to be nothing but good for the both of you down the road.
Now, your boyfriend might realize what a douche he has been being, and try really hard to get better. This means that he loves you too and is willing to do things and change things to make you smile. You smiling means you happy. You happy means more nookie for us. More nookie for us means we are happy. Two happy people.
Here is where you come in though. If he is trying real hard, and he falls of the wagon and does something retarded, you need to tell him. Relationships are all about communication. Tell him he is a retard, and like a puppy that just peed in your bedroom, he will feel bad. You need to take him outside to know that is where he has to pee. Take your boyfriend aside and smack him on the nose with a newspaper and tell him, "No, bad boy!".
So in conclusion, men are like trainable puppies. You need to prepare yourself for the douche boyfriend that is not going to change, so stock up on ice cream and blankets so when you are in the fetal position on the couch, you can be warm. You also might need to stock up on condoms for when he does change and you just want to jump his bones. Either way a trip to the grocery store is necessary. While you are there pick up some milk. You probably are out.