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So you’re getting along really great and things seem to be going better than you ever thought they would. In the middle of all of this, you may start to wonder if this could be THE relationship. Are you meant to be together? Have a look at the following signs that may point to just that:
1) You tell each other things you’d never share with anyone else. When you start sharing your secrets, there’s a level of trust building that true relationships must have.
2) That guard is let down and you see each other when you’re not at your best. It’s always easy to love someone when they’re in a great mood, but when they’re sad and down about something, it’s a bit more difficult. This, too, requires trust.
3) You respect each other. This is a vital part of any successful relationship and when it comes from both sides without being forced, there’s an excellent chance this is meant to be.
4) You each want the other to meet your respective parents. This is a big one because no one ever gets taken home to meet the parents until the potential is high for a long term relationship.
5) You’re both seeing the chance for a future together. While you may not be picking out your china pattern or practicing writing a new last name, the thought is starting to cross your mind periodically, just as it has with him.
6) The two of you aren’t afraid to disagree with each other. You each know that you’re individuals with your own opinions about things. So you also know that if you disagree or argue about something, it’s not fatal to the relationship.
7) There is the desire to work out any differences you may have. Both of you seriously WANT to do this because the relationship is valued.
8) You laugh together. Everyone knows that laughter is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself and your relationship. When your laughter together is spontaneous and real, your relationship is on the right track.
9) The physical chemistry and attraction you have for one another is undeniable and intense. This is even more important if the attraction is there although you’re not each other’s “type.”
10) There are no uncomfortable silences between you. Sometimes you just sit with each other quietly and it’s ok.
11) It’s easy to be yourselves with each other. Neither of you have to pretend to be something that you’re not.
12) There’s just the right amount of needing each other in the relationship. You miss each other when you’re apart, but you don’t cease to be functional.
13) There’s not a lot of jealousy in the relationship. This is because of that trust again, but also because you know how you feel about each other.
14) You bring out the best in each other.
15) There’s a deep understanding between you. This goes even deeper than finishing each other’s sentences.
If you have even half of the things on this list present in your relationship, you’re on the way to possibly having THE relationship you’re meant to enjoy.