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Tips to deal with a jealous girlfriend

So you have one jealous girlfriend, huh? A little jealousy in a relationship is actually healthy. Sometimes, jealousy is just that little tiny thing we call over protectiveness and possessiveness, and that's fine. It could create a much passionate, romantic and devoted bond between you and your girlfriend. Having an overtly jealous girlfriend is another story however. But have you ever asked yourself if you sparked or triggered even the slightest push to make her jealous? Whatever the case may be, the following are tips on how to deal with a jealous girlfriend.
  • Communicate. Being together 24/7 can't be called communication if you don't share your problems and sentiments with your girlfriend. Silence can kill and you never know what's running inside your girlfriend's mind during these times. Assure her that she makes you happy and chances are, she couldn't be suspicious one bit.

  • Get rid of the past. Do you still keep pictures and other memorabilia from your exes? Time to bring out the boxes! It will not help if the shirt you're wearing during a date with your girlfriend is from an ex and your room is still swarmed by the many girls from your past. It's a good ego-booster but be sensitive enough and know that this would hurt your girlfriend.

  • Prioritize your girl. You have your family; you have your guy buddies, probably even a girl best friend and even a larger group of girl buddies. Your girlfriend has to deal with the fact that she's not the only woman in your life so make her feel that she is. You don't have to end great friendships with your girls, but make sure that you keep them in second place from the girlfriend. You do want to be the only guy in her life right? Do the same for her.