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In our relationships struggle for power is most important feature. There are many types od relationship which is created by you such as family relationships and emotional relationships. Sharing your emotion or feeling is a power where you are trying to understand the soul.

Struggle for power it also become a shock to a parent who is raising their child and with this shock comes a lot of feeling. You are really take care about your child, feel guilty and concerned because he or she never do any thing wrong.

Identify and deal with a power struggle

In many relationship cooperation between those people be able to exist as a power struggle because who will do well in gaining control or control over the other person in order to meet their own needs or requirements.

Empowering not overpowering: Partner are really conscious about there child. Parents can look at the behavior of their child in positive and healthy manner. Sometime your child able to take their own decision because partner think that they are not able to take any kind of decision. Children gets angry when you are not agree with their conditions because they making decisions for themselves, use their own power, getting their own way, declaring ownership and authority.

Find useful ways for your child to be powerful: When parents seem their child's struggle for power as a positive symbol can get useful ways for the child to feel powerful and precious and deal with power struggles in ways that decrease fighting and make cooperative relationships for both the child and the parents.

Powerlessness creates revenge: Children who are overpowered means who feel powerless they often look for to gain power through revenge. You have to increase the confidence of your children, become a independent child, make good decisions. You definitely see your able to understand soul.