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The idea of getting revenge on a cheater is something which can consume you if you allow it to. When we are cheated on the desire for revenge, can be overpowering. We are just so hurt and angry that we want to lash out at those that hurt us, and make them hurt as much as they have hurt us. They hurt you and betrayed your trust, and you want to get even. 

Believe me when I say that, “I know how dark some of the thoughts can be.” I am just happy not to have acted upon them. Having feelings like these certainly don’t make you a bad person, it’s perfectly understandable.

The best advice that I can give you is to do nothing. I know this sounds trite, but the best revenge on a cheater is to be happy and successful without them and just get on with your life. I know at this point many of my readers are running away from this page in droves! However, if you will bear with me and read on, I will try to prove my point. I have been there, and I know how hard it is, how utterly pathetic it feels to “turn the other cheek.” However, if you do not heed this advice you could possibly ruin your life, hate can consume you causing you to do things that you never thought you were capable of doing. The only one losing will be you.

Have you ever heard the old phrase “cutting off the nose to spite the face?" It is used to describe a self-destructive action motivated by revenge or hate. Sure it feels great to do these destructive things, but consider the consequences of your actions. How have you gotten the upper hand by doing harm to yourself? Whoopee ladies! What a hoot it is to trash his precious car. You found the other woman and ripped every last hair from her head. Hurrah Men! You found the other guy and gave him the flogging he so justly deserved. You told everyone she knows what a dirty trollop she is.

If you are married, how do you think these things make you look in divorce court hmm? Who looks like the crazy bad person? What about the innocent children who get caught in the middle? What about assault and battery charges? A defamation lawsuit brought up against you? A restraining order filed against you? Destruction of private property? The legal and financial hardship brought on by actions done in the heat of passion can bring you to ruin.

Although difficult to do at the beginning, if you truly want to get revenge on a cheater, doing nothing and taking a higher moral position, is the best you can do. Live well and succeed in life, no one can argue with success, so move on quickly and be happy! This can be hard to do at first, so if you have to, just fake it for a while, “fake it till’ you make it.” Seeing you moving on without them will make them will feel insignificant and disposable, exactly like they made you feel. Isn’t this the revenge that’s more worth having?