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There are good reasons to break up. These are not them.

Don't break up with your boy- or girlfriend...

Because he looks at other women. (If he doesn't, and he's not blind, he's either gay or dead.)
Because she is a high-powered attorney.
Because his dad owns the town you live in.
Because she does every single thing you say.
Because he makes you breakfast, but the eggs aren't quite perfect.
Because she drives a Porsche.
Because he doesn't like your sister.
Because she doesn't wear underwear.

Because he shows no interest in your girlfriends.
Because her mom is your dad's boss.
Because your BFF thinks he is not interesting.
Because she lives in a much better neighborhood than yours.
Because he likes shopping.
Because she doesn't like shopping.
Because everyone admires him when he dances.
Because all heads turn toward her when she enters a room.
Because he is too free with his money.
Because she is a Yoga master and contortionist.
Because he makes the bed and folds his clothes.
Because she has a ninth degree black belt in Karate.
Because he is too kind.
Because she is too calm.
Because he never criticizes you.
Because she never nags you.
Because he buys you things you did not ask for.
Because she buys you things you never ask
Because he has interests other than you.
Because she reads books.
Because he knows all the best places to have a serious and thoughtful discussion.
Because she knows all the best places to enjoy outdoor sex.
Because he can pick a great wine.
Because she likes beer.
Because he sews.
Because she is better at your favorite sport than you are.
Because he's too dirty.
Because she's too clean.