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Do's and don't about marriage

Each and every one of us married or not has this idea in mind as to what is the ideal marriage, but most of this ideal thingy does not always happen in the real life. Lucky are those married couples who really have an ideal marriage; lucky are those who know the ideal and apply it in their everyday lives; lucky are those who wanted to know what are these ideals and are willing to do it.
In general all of us are heading only in one direction and that is to have a relationship, to be with someone, to get married and to have a family. Married or not I feel that what I will impart will make sense in one way or another. I mean there were no rules in marriage but there were a lot of obligations; especially that when you say your “I dos”, you have promised that for richer or for poorer; in sickness and in health; till death do us part. Now here are my Dos and Don’ts, this is not in any order of importance of course; and as the saying goes “Ladies first”.

Dos and Don’ts for Wives

Do love your husband more than anyone else
            It has been said that the first few years of marriage is always the sweetest, the honeymoon stage they say, but as the first child was born the attention of the wife was transferred all to their child. It is true that your child needs you more than anybody else especially during the earlier stage of life but do not bear all the burden, your husband is there to help you. You need a rest and your husband needs you as well. You can love your child without neglecting your husband. Sometimes the wife complains that the husband is losing interest, but is it him or you that had caused that. Love your husband more than anyone because in the end it is still the two of you who will be left behind, your children will have their own lives too sooner or later.
Do make yourself pretty all the time
            Do not think that because you are married you already have the license to be unattractive. Making yourself beautiful doesn’t mean that you still want to hook someone. Taking care of yourself is taking care of your husband; you are one now. It is true that no matter how beautiful you are, there were times that he will still have this 2nd glance to that sexy lady walking in front of him but I’m sure he’ll tell you that “you know honey, you are sexier”.
Do take good care of the kids
            This applies best to those full-time mommies out there. As your husband is taking care of the basic needs, you should take you part. Your husband will love you more if he knows that you love your children. For those working moms, make an effort to have a quality time with the kids.
Do make a cash flow
            No matter how transparent you are with each other regarding money matters, it is still best to have a journal of your accounts. Maybe your husband is so kind that he trust you when it comes to money matters, but sooner or later there will be this time that he will ask you why you have this huge monthly expenses for this month or where do your savings have gone through; so it’s best that you have something to show him and sometimes you also tend to forget and there you can see where your money is being spent.
Do help your husband in all his concerns
            Other than family or money matters there were a lot of other things that wife can be of help to her husband. Whatever it is, maybe work related, trouble with a friend, making a resume; no matter how large or small his concerns seems to be, you will always have to be there for him

Do not nag
            A friend had forwarded these great quotations and one that sticks to my mind is this: “Words that soak into your ears are whispered not yelled.”Nagging your husband will just irritate him, no matter how true or important your points may be it will not go into his head, instead he’ll just take the nagging against you.
Do not go out alone with other guys
            Unless your husband knows about it and that you have no choice. No matter how innocent it may seem, other people will not understand. You will also need to protect your husband’s name.
Do not leave the house messy
            Your house is the refection of your personality, look into your house right now and there you can read what is happening in your life at the moment.“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”
Do not take for granted your husband’s needs
            Wife’s needs are different from the husband’s need. Wife’s principal needs revolve about emotions while the husband basically needs to be nourished and taken care of. Both must understand this in order for marriages to work.
Do not battle with your in-laws
            There is this misconception that the in-laws are the villains in every marriage. True there were some parents who just can’t let go of their unico hijoand would do everything to destroy their son’s relationship, not knowing that it is destroying their sons as well but this does not happen in every marriage, so don’t conceptualize that your mother-in-law will be an obstacle in your marriage.