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Get rid of Fake friends

This is just another issue of what true friendships are made of. And it is sad to know that not all of what we call a "friend" are REAL and not everyone has enough veracity in his heart to offer us the real essence of friendship..

Here are tell tale signs of fake friends...

  • You are not truly comfortable with their presence because you have to be somebody who is not your self just to fit in.
  • They expect so much from you. Ask you to run errands, do home works or anything for them all the time. And after it all, they fail to appreciate the many good things you have done and make you feel bad whenever you can't measure up with your expectations.
  • They talk behind your back.
  • They don't feel proud of you and even are not happy for you when achieve something good. This may be manifested when they talk sarcastically as they compliment or congratulate you.
  • They make you feel bad all the time.
  • They act as if they are your mom and monitor every detail that you do. 
  • They demand to decide everything for you.
  • They find glory in emphasizing your weakness and shortcomings.
  • They imitate all the things you do or even the brands you use.
  • They only approach you when they need something from you.
  • They can't be found when you are down, yet they are the first to arrive when good things come your way.
  • They meddle so much with your life that they fail to respect your privacy and choice to let them in or not.
  • They judge you without even knowing your side.
  • They become parasites in your life that they are the only ones benefiting with what they call "friendship"
  • They make you look and feel dumb and try every way they can to make you feel insecure.

Keep in mind...

Real friends may make you feel bad for telling the truth that you should know some times, but they don't mean to make you feel insecure. Real friends are sent from heaven... they come into our lives naturally. It's useless to keep fake friends when real ones are just around the corner waiting for us to tell us that we are stupid... but it's okay to be one sometimes.