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If your boyfriend or girlfriend calls you 25 times a day at all hours, gets upset when you go out with friends or speak to another person of the opposite sex and often fishes for words of affirmation, chances are that you have a clingy boyfriend or girlfriend. To cope or to dump--that is the question.

1. Make a decision--is this relationship worth all the effort. A clingy boyfriend or girlfriend is high maintenance, and probably always will be, so understand that. If the answer is no, your journey ends here. If yes, continue to the next step.

2. Communicate with your clingy boyfriend or girlfriend. Give he/she a chance to change their behavior by telling them about what they are doing and how it negatively affects you and the relationship. Don't expect he/she to read your mind and to get upset when they can't.

3. Give lots of love, attention and compliments when you are with your boyfriend or girlfriend. A clingy person is typically an insecure person and needs to feel like they are the center of your world to feel loved. Be aware that your boyfriend or girlfriend could be bringing a lot of emotional baggage into the relationship from past hurts. Be sensitive to that by reaffirming your love regularly.

4. Encourage your boyfriend or girlfriend to go out with friends without you. At first, these should be times when you will be doing nothing at home. He/she won't be worried about you and can enjoy themselves while getting used to doing things without you--and without it being too stressful.

5. Limit phone conversations. It's easier to end conversations when you are the one to initiate them, so be the first to call he/she. Remember, you don't have to answer the phone just because it is ringing.

6. Set date nights and limit them to once or twice a week. You don't have to be with your boyfriend or girlfriend every spare minute. Spending all your time with your partner will encourage their clingy behavior.

7. Take a break or sever the relationship completely if the above methods lead to anger and abuse from your clingy boyfriend or girlfriend. If you discover that this person is too needy and you will never be able to fill all their needs no matter how hard you try, it is time to end it. Be the bigger person, and spare yourself future guilt by breaking up with tact and not out of anger.

P.S. If you love the person so dearly. You will find a way to fix this problems not because you're not comfortable and you are irritated with this but because you want to want to improve this relationship and make this relationship on the next level "a happier relationship".