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Is He Breaking Your Heart? A 3-Step Fix

If you're feeling confused, crying over a man, and wondering if it'll EVER feel the way it used to, DON'T GIVE UP!
I know, from the bottom of my heart, how painful being in a relationship with a difficult, clueless or even toxic man is - and how even being with a good man who has toxic qualities, who you just don't know how to deal with, can hurt.
It's very destructive to you, and if you keep going down the same road with that man, it can break your heart and leave you feeling downright jaded about love.
That's why it's important to read this entire email if you are worried that your relationship is getting worse over time.
How do you start to turn things around for yourself right away?
There are 3 steps:

If you're like many women who are in a difficult relationship, you know that you sometimes "make excuses" for your man.
You tell your friends that he's really not a bad guy. He just has bad days. You try to talk to him about his negative behavior. You blame yourself (and HE sometimes blames you, too) for the things that go wrong in your relationship.
Sometimes you're ashamed to tell anyone how he's behaving.
But, it's not your fault, and you should NEVER make excuses for a man who's behaving badly or breaking your heart!
In my "Toxic Men" program, you can learn exactly whether or not he's toxic, difficult, or just plain clueless, and what steps to take in each case to make sure you can have the best, most loving relationship possible. I developed a special quiz to help guide you through this process.
To learn about my Toxic Men program, or order your no-risk copy, click here:
It's crucial for you to understand the difference between a Toxic Man and the individual (and hopefully minor) toxic qualities even a Good Guy might have - because you can have a successful relationship with a man who has toxic QUALITIES, but you will NEVER BE HAPPY with a Toxic Man.
And next...
You may find yourself "addicted" to your man. You know he makes you feel bad sometimes, but the good times are SO good that you put up with it.
You can't help yourself. You tell yourself you love him. You can't walk away.
So, you try "fixing" what you sense is wrong with the relationship.
You treat the symptoms.
If he's neglectful or ignoring you, you tell yourself he's just "busy" with work or isn't good with sharing his feelings. You blame yourself for pushing him for things you want and need and instead YOU are the one to make sacrifices to "keep the peace."
In effect, by focusing just on his negative qualities and trying to fix whatever is wrong in the moment, and not considering the ENTIRE RELATIONSHIP holistically, you've been trying to cure an infection by changing the band-aid.
The key to transforming your man and healing your relationship, involves more than a quick-fix band-aid that doesn't seek to cure the problem at the core.
Which leads me to my final step...
And, when you change the nature of the relationship...YOU CHANGE THE MAN!
By treating the true "infection," you not only get a loving, supportive, stable, balanced relationship...
You get all those POSITIVE qualities that kept you hanging on until now.
You get all the sweet words, the closeness, the grand gestures.
And, you get to be even stronger, happier, and confident in yourself.
My Toxic Men program can help you in ALL these areas.
In Toxic Men, you get 6 full hours of powerful material and instruction and insights on:
  • WHAT a toxic relationship is
  • WHY you keep being drawn into it despite how horrible it makes you feel
  • HOW to change your Toxic Man into a loving, caring and respectful partner - permanently
  • or HOW to walk away if you know he'll never change...and do it painlessly.

You'll also learn how a toxic man can throw you OFF BALANCE and how to keep centered even when he's "triggering" you. You'll get actual dialogues and scripts to try and practice.
And, best of all, you'll get my words of encouragement and support, so you can start to heal your own self-esteem and destructive patterns that are keeping you STUCK.