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1. He's got his ex in the bag

"I found naked pictures of my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend in the bag he always takes to work. I honestly believe that he's never physically cheated on me. Nevertheless, I have a suspicious mind and can't resist snoopig from time to time (just to make sure there's really nothing to worry about). I've been cheated on in the past, so I guess I just want to protect myself."

2. Poking Around on His PC

"I find myself checking his computer, and, no, I do not like what I find. The only time I've ever mentioned anything (most of the tie it's porn, and I can't bring myself to humiliate him about that) is whe I saw that he'd done a search for an old crush that we'd talked about days prior."

3. Facebook Freakout

"I recently saw on his facebook that [his ex] is constantly messaging him and writi on his wall, poking him nonstop. They talk on MSN often, probably even more than we talk. I decided to check his conversation history on MSN between them... I know it's bad, but I had to. Apparently she still likes him. They have very in-depth conversations about how life could've been for them, and that if they could go back in time to that one day they spent together, they both would."

4. Cheating by numbers

"I have checked the cell bill plenty of times... First, I checked for unavailable calls because most of the time the other woman will privatize her number so it doesn't show up on the cell. Next, I looked for the same number showing up numerous times a day."

5. High- Tech Spying

"I installed spyware on my home computer to find his emal password. His email led to my discovery that he was seeing two other women while living with me."

6. An expensive Mistake

"I noticed a charge on his bank statement and went to the website. It was a website with subscription to online entertainment venues, and none of it was good. I went to the website; it was escorts for hire, where men would review them and rate them."

7. Texting behind his back

"I sent my coworker a text message saying these exact words: I tell you this is confidence (because I do have a BF), but I never forgot the kiss, and I think about it a lot. The very next night, my boyfriend went through my phone when I was sleeping and found the text message. Needless to say, he is very hurt."

8. Tracking his car

"I tried a GPS tracker, and that showed me one time that his car was parked at a deli for three hours."

9. Text with an Ex

"He has an onging text relationship with his ex (from right before we got together). She cheated on him with his friend, and from what I hear, he was very hurt. Then we met, and we've been together ever since. It has been an off-and-on problem with us for about a year now. Months will go by, and I don't know, and I trust him. Then I get an intuition, snoop, find their texts and confront him."

10. Cheating Nights and weekends

"I discovered frequent phone calls day and night for weeks (on our phone bill) between him and a former female coworker."