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How To Create Attraction And Connection In Your Relationship

If you're struggling in your love life because the man you're with is stalling and unresponsive and you feel hurt and confused and frustrated...
OR, there's NO MAN at all and you're starting to feel hopeless...
The SECRET to having the kind of loving, committed relationship is in these two elements: ATTRACTION and CONNECTION.
Here's a letter from Joelle, who's feeling unattractive and undesirable because she can't get her love life STARTED. It's as though men feel "casual" around her, so nothing ever gets off the ground.
What she seems to lack is the ability to create attraction with a man, and it's probably because she's doing all the wrong things that actually make a man lose interest or think of her as a "friend."

I'm feeling desperate, can you help me?
From how you've described yourself, it would "make sense" that a man should want to date you and pursue you.
But attraction makes no sense. Being attractive, funny and "gregarious" may get you some initial attention -- but in the long run it has absolutely nothing to do with REAL attraction.
And attraction is what you need in order to get your love life off the ground.
So what exactly is ATTRACTION?
Let's get clear that attraction is way more then just "chemistry."
Chemistry, and the "tingles," and infatuation, and all those things we think of as attraction are terrific, yes, but attraction is a much bigger thing.
Attraction is simple. It just means that for no reason at all, you feel pulled toward someone.
It just means you instinctively -- with your heart, your mind, your body, and your spirit -- want to be as close to someone else as you can get.
It just means you want to be there with him. It's the same for a man. Attraction means he wants to be near you. He wants to be close to you.
He doesn't think about it, he doesn't know why, he doesn't analyze it, he doesn't look at the way you look, or the way you talk, or the way you act, or the way your body is shaped, or your intelligence level, or ANYTHING.
He just FEELS attracted to you. It's not a choice for him.
This is what you want to create! And the way you do this is pretty much completely the opposite of the way we women have been taught to do it. What most of us have been taught to do actually kills a man's attraction for us.
We're taught that we have to be dressed to the hilt, have great hair and makeup and a fabulous figure.
We're taught that we have to be smart and witty and have a "great sense of humor".
We think that we have to entice him with our sexuality in order to keep him interested.
We're taught that a man wants to be "entertained" somehow. That we need to keep him interested. But that's just not true!
But what DOES have to do with the attraction a man feels for us is how attractive WE believe we are. How attracted to OURSELVES we are.
Because when we find ourselves attractive, we put out a completely different vibe than if we doubt our attractiveness.
So -- finding yourself "acceptably attractive" is like writing out a losing game plan. You're already putting it out there that you're "less than." A man picks up on that, and he will start to lose interest because of it.
This may be part of the problem of why men only see you as a "friend" or stop calling after a date or two.
A man just starts to LOSE that attraction for you, and he doesn't even know why.
He may TRY to explain it.
He'll tell you he doesn't feel the "chemistry." He'll just stop calling. He'll tell you he's "too busy" for a relationship.
That's where it gets confusing, and you think if you could just "convince" him that his thinking is wrong, everything will be all right.
And that's just not how attraction works.
Attraction is mysterious (even though some elements of it, like pheromones, have been scientifically studied).
And we forget that as women, WE are mysterious to a man!
Just because we're women!
We're naturally mesmerizing to a man because he doesn't quite understand us, but he knows he wants to. He wants to feel the thrill of our femininity and dive deep into our mystery.
That's why all we need to have a great man and a great relationship is to be our natural selves.
And of course, since we've all been taught to be anything BUT ourselves -- this can seem really, really challenging.
This is how my Modern Siren online video program can REVERSE all our wrong thinking and false beliefs.
Modern Siren will show you how to be your most authentic, feminine self and make a man feel THRILLED and SAFE at the same time.
It will teach you how to create that ATTRACTION that is so needed to pull a man in and make him feel a longing to be around you.
It will explain what it takes to make a man fall romantically in love with you, not just want to "hang out" with you because he considers you his best pal.
So much of the time, we belittle ourselves. We look only for our faults instead of focusing on our natural charms. We think, feel and play "small" in our lives because we think that's how to keep a man's interest. Modern Siren will turn all that around for you.
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Now, let's look at a situation in which you are already IN a relationship and it's going downhill.
This is a situation where the attraction was there at first, but the man seems to be disinterested in a commitment or taking the relationship to a more connected, long-lasting place.
Here's a letter from Gina, who's been with a man (and without commitment) way too long. You'll see how she feels so invested in him that her emotions are pushing him away instead of bringing him closer:
"Dear Rori,
He's the greatest guy really. I've loved him since the minute I met him and he's always been so good (except for some of the fights we've had over him not wanting to commit). I'm insecure, and I know I'm doing way too much overfunctioning like you always talk about, and I just don't know what to do anymore.
It's gotten so we're not even having as much sex as we were, he doesn't call as much, I'm not seeing him as much. I don't even know how this happened to me. I don't think there's another woman, but I could be wrong. We've been together for about a year and three months and I thought for sure we were going to be forever. Did I screw this up? Is it an Imaginary Relationship that I just thought was real? What should I do? Thank you, Gina"
And here's my answer for Gina -- I'll put it in terms of Attraction and Connection:
A man withdraws for three reasons:
1. He has some serious, deep issues -- he may be completely toxic or in a place in his life where a real relationship is simply impossible. This is something you have absolutely no control over.
2. He likes you, actually "cares" for you, but has never fallen in love with you, and doesn't think you're "the one."
Maybe he hopes that will change and that all of a sudden he'll fall for you. He sticks around because he likes you and knows you're a good woman.
But he doesn't want to be a bad guy and string you along, so he gets angry, grumpy, attacks you verbally, withdraws, and tries to make YOU leave HIM.
If this is what's happening in your situation, you can do one of two things. You can decide for yourself he isn't worthy of your time, or you can trigger his feelings of romantic, intense love by creating more ATTRACTION with him.
3. He fell for you right off, he thought you were the one, but since then something's gone wrong.
When a relationship is new, it's normal for a man to cycle between getting close and then backing off before he finally stays for good. If you're closing him off from your heart and pushing him away by doing the wrong things when he's going through his "distant" phase, you may be preventing him from every really feeling a solid CONNECTION with you.
So what is connection?
A man will feel a connection with you when he senses that you "get" him.
If you sit around worrying that he's acting distant or spend your days analyzing and worrying about him, you almost completely close yourself off to the possibility of a connection with him because you're focused on him in the WRONG way.
You're creating insecurity and desperation -- by putting your focus on what HE thinks and feels.
So often we women get way too involved in figuring out what a man thinks or feels about us.
Where the only important thing that matters is HOW WE FEEL ABOUT OURSELVES IN HIS PRESENCE.
As soon as we start to focus on THAT, then we can allow ourselves to be curious about HIM. And not about how he feels about us, but about who he is, and how we feel about him.
AND the only thing that matters about how we feel about him is -- to repeat this one more time because it's so important -- how we feel about ourselves when we are in his presence.
It's not whether or not we like him, it's whether or not we like ourselves when we're with him.
This is what Connection is. If you feel he "gets" you -- and so you feel really great about yourself, you feel gorgeous and attractive and fantastic and smart and happy (and happy is the most important word here) then you are feeling connected to him.
But you are ONLY truly connected to him if he's feeling the same way.
That means, he has to feel that you "get" him, too!
So this is where you need to focus your energy:
Do you like who you are when you're with him?
How can you express that in a way that will bring him closer and help him CONNECT with you?
My "Reconnect Your Relationship" audio CD program is all about creating a strong connection with him by getting into your feelings when you're with him, and then expressing those feelings in a way that brings him close.
If your man isn't telling you he loves you anymore, or has stopped initiating affection and sex, that means he feels disconnected from you. But don't panic...
Because you can turn that around almost overnight with my Reconnect program.
Reconnect helps raise your self-esteem and channel your feelings of jealousy, anger, and desperation into opportunities to open up to him in a way where he can really feel loving and close to you, NOT defensive and closed off.
With the Tools you'll get in Reconnect, you'll finally be able to feel SAFE and LOVED in his presence, because you'll learn how to feel strong around him instead of fearful and desperate.
You'll learn how to focus on yourself and stop working so hard and yet get MORE LOVE and attention from him, not less.
Together with my Modern Siren program, you'll inspire his love and commitment and feel adored like never before. These two programs together will help you turn around your love life -- no matter what it feels like now -- into the real, everlasting love you want.
The principles for an everlasting love are exactly the same whether you're in a relationship or looking for one. You need to intensify the attraction and connection.
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You'll start to see and experience that you really are a Siren -- a woman who doesn't push him away but who actually attracts him by being a naturally feminine, emotion-filled, juicy, exciting woman to him.
In Reconnect Your Relationship you'll learn why a man withdraws and how to create a strong Connection with him, no matter if this is a man you've just met a few weeks ago or if it's your husband of 20 years.
If he's ignoring you, lost in his own thoughts and hobbies, has stopped being affectionate and doesn't have deep conversations with you anymore, then you've lost the Connection.
"Reconnect" will show you how to turn that around almost instantaneously.
I know that sounds like a far-out claim -- but I've heard from so many women who tell me how they got amazing, out-of-the-blue, completely unusual results from a man that they had practically given up on.
And you can have this all without having to "work" hard on it.
All you have to do is learn how to tap into your mysterious, alluring qualities and let them work their magic on a man.
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To make lasting changes in your love life, you need to change the way you think and change your approach. The way you've been taught to attract and connect to a man just don't work.
You've been taught that to make love last, you need to focus on the man.
But the truth is that you need to focus on YOU.
Whenever you find yourself worried that you're not good enough, not attractive enough, not sexy enough, not anything enough for any particular man or for men in general, completely flip that around.
It's so easy to get caught in worrying whether a man will be attracted to us forever, or that every man we meet will either be boring or break our hearts.
It's the result of not believing we're attractive, or not being in touch with who we are and what we want.
So I want you to flip this around.
Instead of beating yourself up when a man rejects you, I want you to become your own best friend and fan.
Pledge that you will devote yourself to YOU no matter what happens. You will focus on how you feel and what you need, and as a result, your man will naturally start to gravitate toward you.
I know that Modern Siren and Reconnect Your Relationship will help you with this.
You'll learn how to be more authentically yourself and magnetize a man, and you'll learn how to build a strong connection with the way you express yourself around him.