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Finding the right girlfriend is easy, all you have to do is look!
1. Choose a girl that you like for her kindness, how she always makes you smile, and (a little bit) her looks.
2. Don't just choose a girl because she is beautiful and all the guys like her. That's like choosing her only to raise your own popularity!

3. Choose a girl with good style, but not the one who tries to look like a delicious Las Vegas cheerleader. Don't choose a girl who wears fashionable boots, jean jackets, short shorts, skinny jeans, and lots of makeup. Those are the types of girls who secretly have two boyfriends already who haven't a clue that she's cheating on them. She may seem nice and innocent, but the clothes and makeup tell it all!
4. To guys with girlfriends already: if she spends more time with "just a guy she thinks of as a friend" than you, she doesn't really love you. Even if she gives you a hug everyday, she doesn't mean it.
5. Girls that keep their hair short and around "chin length" are usually the ones who may seem delicious but you should avoid.
6. The most lovely and kind girls are usually those girls who are part of a small circle of friends but are misunderstood by people who don't know them too well. Even though they may tell you to shut up when you tease them, they can be really kind once you get to know them.
7. Tease but only in a friendly way, make her laugh.