Top 10 signs that she likes you

If you have not figured out whether she likes you or not, she may not like you. It is usually easy to discover but sometimes when you like someone else, you are the one blindfolded into encumbrance of another. However, it can never hurt to try, the worst that happens is a scoff at you or being ignored, if she's really rude she'll make some annoying statement. Sometimes girls can be just, ewe and shoot you down real quick, you'll know if you don't get that comforting vibe. Speaking from a woman's point of view, finding out if a girl likes you is not always easy. Its not easy because there is that fear of rejection. Especially if you think she likes you and she really doesn't. But since women don't always tell how they feel, pay attention to her actions or words.

A lot of people do not know how to approach a woman to strike up a conversation or tell if someone likes you. Its all in how someone treats you and how they respond to you when you are speaking to them. if a person seems happier when they are around you and listens closely to your every word then this person must love you.

If she likes you;
1. She smiles at you, a lot
2. She looks away quickly if you make eye contact and then looks at you again to make sure you're still looking.She makes minimal eye contact because she may not be feeling confident but just looks up and down a lot.
3. She adjusts her outfit or accessories as your looking at her and she pretends not to notice
4. She talks about random things just to have something to say to you and hopes that you'll reply
5. She asks you questions to get you to converse
6. She plays with her hair and her fingers a lot
7. She shifts her feet a lot
8. She creates these awkward poses that makes you think she's so cute when she does it and obviously it turns you on, that is the point
9. She bats her eyelashes or gives you the shy eye and a blushing cheek
10. She asks you to join her somewhere nicer that she would just ask a friend
Unfortunately, some girls are a tease and will do these things just for attention, but you can always try, until you find that special someone there is no reason why you cannot enjoy yourself, just play safely and don't get attached to someone who is not reciprocating your feelings. Also, ask your female and male friends who are truly your friends opinions, most friends will tell you their honest opinions. And if your friends hate her, don't do it, you might gain a girlfriend but sacrifice your friends along the way and in the long run it's just not worth it. A girl will like you for you if she is into you, just get to know each other for a real relationship if that is what you seek. But frankly, a confident girl will let you know she likes you to your face. :)