"The purpose of your life is to be happy - Dalai Lama"

Being happy is always a choice. I believe that it is your goal, the main purpose of your life. Happiness attracts more positive energy and blocks all the negative zip. It is contagious and everything follows as how you want it to be. 

Happiness can be found in small packages, an angel in disguise. =) I made a list. I've been following this for a while now and since then it never fail me. In case you want to know, my simple list includes; eating my favorite/comfort food, shopping, movie marathon, the excitement in watching my favorite TV series (the waiting period add up to the excitement), pep talk with friends, gym session (then sauna afterwards), playing my favorite sport, sleeping (I like it! 100% effective), travel (I love to discover new places. Moonsterific invasion.), Videoke, massage (ahhh.... very relaxing), salon session, and lastly bathing (milk/oatmeal bath).

FYI: I don't do all these things at once. I just select what I wanted at that particular time. =) Pampering yourself for sometime is good. (Diba?)

Honestly, for me the best definition of happiness is the joy I felt deep within upon seeing my love ones happy and healthy. Shallow reasons yet the feeling is wonderful, oh so perfect.