Is LOVE worth fighting for?

Honestly, It depends on why he/she left. If they said I'm not happy with you. Let it go.
cannot see fighting to keep someone who wanted out. They would have to let me know that they believe we have a chance otherwise, I would let them go find their happiness, even if it is without me. I may love them but if they do not want to be with me I cannot hold them down and know they are not happy, just to soothe my own feelings. To love someone is to want their happiness. If they want to go, love them enough to let them. 

I used to believe in the theory "let them go and if it comes back to you, keep her/him". I know some rare cases that could be true. But I think there are some things worth fighting for, working hard to turn things around, and not giving up if they have. They could be lost or delusional, they could be manipulated or deceived, they could be ill. There are so many different scenarios that I can imagine not giving up but working, fighting, demonstrating my love and concern. No, I wouldn't keep someone that needed to go that was truly unhappy. But I think that I will take my chances with love fighting for itself. If it's just hardtimes getting you all down and he/she doesn't know what to do anymore. Fight for your love, Show her/him you're there and things can and will be ok. Because Love is something truely beautiful and pure and fighting for it and dealing with the pain is something very worth the good outcome! Love is a special gift from God, and remember with God all things are possible.

What you think? :)