FROM Friend to Boyfriend

Would you like to know how to transform a platonic relationship from best friend to boyfriend? Are you in love with your closet pal, who just happens to be a hunky guy? Do you worry that making a move will ruin your friendship? Friendships that evolve into romances are one of the best types of relationships. Many can attest to this. =) If you are lucky enough to be involved in one of these, you'll know that friends-turned-lovers get along much better than people who jump right into a romantic or sexual relationship. But how do you go about changing your friendship into a romance? 

Here are some helpful hints to guide you when turning your best friend into a boyfriend. (Giggle mode for me.)

Be a "friendlier" friend.
Begin the transition slowly by warming up to him in a strictly non-sexual way. Hang out with him more often and become more involved in his activities. He will come to count on your presence and he'll miss you when you're not there. This is a sign that you have a romantic future together. How sweet.

Remind him that you're a girl.
One of the problems with guy friends is that they often forget that you are female. They like to complain about their bad dates and cry on your shoulder when a girl cuts them loose. This is one case where being a "good" friend and supplying the shoulder can be a bad move. This will only reinforce the misconception that you are just a friend. Instead, try to hint that you aren't the least bit sad about his breakup. Guys are excellent at picking up on jealousy among the women in their lives, and he should begin to get the message.

Make your move.
Now that he knows what's going on, it's time to move on to the fun part of the conversion. Show him a little more skin than he's accustomed to seeing, and touch him a little more softly than you normally would. He may not notice these changes right away, but when he does he will be blown away. Guys feel flattered when women change their normal behaviors for them, so when you show up at his house in a short skirt and blouse instead of the usual jeans and sweatshirt, he'll be hard-pressed to resist your efforts to convert him from best friend to boyfriend. Slowly by surely.

If you manage to carry off the switch, you will be blessed with a boyfriend who already knows a lot about you. The two of you will have common interests and will be comfortable around one another, plus you will have the excitement of the new, romantic part of your relationship. Turning your best friend into your boyfriend might seem scary in the beginning, but it very well may be the best move you ever make. Who knows what will happen next. =)