I work up today I think, uninspired, nah! not really, I am tired,  perhaps. I'm always excited to read articles/stories and came crossed to a site which I  posted below. 
It is often tiresome to hear love quarrels and it’s never ending manifestations. The petty things lovers fight over about and the other stuff that intermingles and usually balloons up the “petty” quarrel. But what really is astonishing is the ability of the heart to heal and forgive… and sometimes, let pass. One gloomy day as I start my day late, I got a call from my girlfriend to meet up and watch a movie.
Having nothing more important to do, I obliged so willingly. It started as smooth as suave can be. We met, kissed, hugged and watched a thrilling movie. We ate dinner late and enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed each others company. We laughed until it hurts; we horsed around until we got tired. We thought of having a night cap over at a coffee shop on our way home. Needless to say, it was nothing short of perfect. Then the unthinkable happened. She was toying around with my new cellular phone and checked out the newly transferred photos from my old phone. Then she discovered a picture with my hand holding a cigarette. I’ve quit the habit two years now and will continue to be nicotine sober until the end of time. Naturally, she confronted me. I said that that was just a lapse of judgment, succumbing to peer pressure afraid to be ridiculed at that moment. But of course I’d understand as well her outburst. She even broke up with me right there and then. We both cried our eyes out. Me being sorry and she sorrier for me. It was an eye opener for both of us. One seeing it from the other side of the spectrum and another from the optimistic side. She thought of the situation as a sign that I’ll never be as open or as honest as she likes me to be. I realized on the other hand that a good reason we never get into big fights is because it’s the little ones that are more significant. I used to argue that it’s just a petty thing to fight for that we may very well let it pass so as to not blow it out of proportion. As she was pointing out (forcefully if I may say) that her point is beyond the cigarette. It struck me that she has a point all this while. That this little quarrel isn’t about what I did, it’s about what I didn’t tell. Then I realized further that almost all our little fights originate to this very single source, my inability to tell things thought “insignificant” to her. It hit me like a lorry head-on! I asked for forgiveness and should I say, ‘the rest is history’. But the funny thing with love is that it simplifies humility and mercy. A car may run out of fuel, a cellular phone may run out of charge but the heart can never run out of love.
Honestly, after reading this it made me pause and contemplate for awhile. For the reason that this is a guy's point of view. Guy realizing this things. Is he a gay or he is in love? hai! I want to cut this cheesy thingy. 

It is really healthy to have disagreements and even if you do making up is the best part. Different people argue about different things, what might be small to you might be huge to someone else. But I definitely agree that fighting can be healing sometimes. Passive aggressive personalities generally do more damage in this situation so at least you're speaking your mind.  I think we all need to improve our listening skills and practice on the art of compromising. Some battles aren't worth fighting over. Still I think that "what maybe not important to you, maybe important to others. I therefore conclude that you should ask. We cannot assume for something we aren't sure about. To take things in the clearer picture, just ASK and please LISTEN. I learned to accept the good over the bad. 

Just a thought: There's a saying that, "lovers who fight, are lovers who love..." If you're growing together, stay together. Think with your heart and feel with your mind. :)