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breaking up
Why is it easier for men to say break up to their girl friends?

Man and woman are different both biologically and in mental makeup. However, the creation would not continue if man and woman do not come together. The physical and emotional needs unite man and woman and marriages take place. Till the beginning of the twentieth century, joint families and lifetime single marriages were quite prevalent. However, things started changing as more and more women took up careers and achieved financial independence. The dependence of women on men declined and even small disagreements were magnified to a large extent that they were considered to be impinging on the individuality. 

Usually Men dump the good girlfriends and afterwards they feel so stupid why they let them go.
Men loves women. They can't live without women.

Men dump girls for these reasons. 
1. Getting attracted to another girl.
2. Men can't stay longer without SEX
3. He doesn't want a serious relationship 
4. Imparting unsolicited advice all the time
5. Infidelity
6. Showing disrespect to friends
7. Men conflict in tastes and desires
8. Physical incompatibility
9. Men hate dramas (When they caused it and keep on dying.)
10. Comparing the girl to others constantly