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Rules for Guys, by women

1. When crying occurs you caused it and should fix it. Perfect time for a gift.

2. Watching Star Trek or any type of non-romance movie/ T.V. show should also be rewarded in a gift.

3. The toilet seat prefers to be down. Gravity; any questions?

4. When we ask if we are fat, we are looking for a "NO I love you just the way you are" answer.

5. Cindy Crawford cuts her hair why can't we?

6. We are not always thinking of you.

7. We are not always looking for the perfect gift... some gift is better than no gift, and we realize it is the thought that counts.

8. Our Cats truly are special friends.

9. Shopping is not a sport, it's an adventure.

10. We value your opinion on our outfits and perhaps you should ask for direction when you are dressing.

11. Wearing the same clothes because they are on top of the pile is not acceptable.

12. If we had enough clothes or shoes then why are there so many stores?

13. When we ask for something we want it then!! Don't wait for a birthday, etc. you may for get what it is that we want.

14. If you cant be expected to hit the toilet, we can't be expected to find the oil.

15. When the lights come on in the car, we let you know when we get around to it.

16. Three pairs of shoes in not a selection, its a crisis!

17. Boots, old tennis shoes, and grass shoes are not adequate shoe choices.

18. We don't believe you when you say you'll be right home.

19. Yes and No are not answers, you are not on trial and we are not your attorney.

20. We remember what you say regardless of how long its been. Why can't you?

21. Saying what you think we want to hear gets you in more trouble! Stop while you are ahead.

22. There are no good sports.

23. Why can't you ask for directions?

24. Why can't you follow directions?

25. How can we be expected to tell you about our day in just 30 seconds when it took all day to happen?

26. You too can order Pizza.

27. Chinese Food is a meal.

28. Chips and Dip are NOT a meal.

29. Why don't you know all of these rules?