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Planning for your wedding? Here are some considerations when choosing for your right wedding theme.

Your interest as a couple should be the first consideration since it is a celebration of your lifelong relationship.  There is no better theme than something that is close to your heart.  A beach-themed wedding is  a good choice if you are both close to nature.  Alternative choices  are glamorous movie premiere, a Victorian theme, garden wedding.

The tone of the event should be specified in the invitation according to the theme you have chosen.  Would you  like a formal wedding, laid back and casual, or a combination of both?  Consider the type of guests you have and the type of the wedding theme.

Consider the season when choosing your theme. Obviously,  an outdoor wedding theme such as garden and beach wedding themes are not a good idea during rainy or winter season.

A major consideration when choosing your theme is the budget.  Certain wedding themes can be costly compared to a low-budgeted wedding.  Weddings can be a blissful one without the lavish, a simple and creative wedding is still possible with proper preparations.  

With the specific picture of the wedding theme, you will be able to plan well the spefic details of the wedding based from the theme.

Planning a wedding can be tremendous fun; it can also be one of life's more daunting tasks. Simple choices, like choosing a wedding theme, can seem overwhelming. Narrowing down the choices makes choosing a wedding theme easier, but even narrowing it down can be difficult for some couples. Think through a series of simple ideas to make the process less challenging.

1. Think about the season. Allowing the season to dictate the theme makes selecting a wedding theme simpler. If you're getting married in the fall, consider an autumn theme of orange and dark red or chocolate brown. The spring brings bright Easter colors, such as blue, spring green or buttery yellow. Getting married in the winter opens the door for several themes, including a Christmas theme in red and gold and an winter wonderland theme in blue and silver.

2. Consider the wedding's location. If you're getting married in the summer and in a place where there's beach, consider a beach wedding. Take a look at the church colors and design and plan a theme around the church. If a bed and breakfast is hosting the ceremony, look at the inn's theme and decor for ideas. Themes for outdoor weddings are not always appropriate for indoor affairs.

3. Remember family heritage. Family heritage is a good place to start when choosing a wedding theme, but even those who don't start with it should consider how the family heritage can influence the wedding's theme. Old cultures, such as the Irish and Spanish, have rich cultural traditions that make for ideal wedding themes.

4. Think about era. Era-based weddings are increasingly popular themes for young couples. Choices include Medieval and 1920's themes. Era-themed weddings often reflect the couple, family history, the wedding venue's history or some shared interest.

5.Consider color when selecting a wedding theme. The couple's favorite colors are an ideal way to plan a wedding theme, as are natural inspirations, such as flowers. Choose two complementary colors and build the theme around those color choices. Decide on a flower and center the wedding theme on elements of that flower, such as form, color and complexity.


  • Ask family and friends for theme ideas that represent the couple.
  • Make sure to let vendors know about your chosen theme.
  • Incorporate both partners into the theme.
  • Do not choose wedding vendors--such as a caterer or florist--until you select your theme.