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When you are nursing a broken heart, here are the songs just for you.
While you are crying you can play it as background music.
Cry until you're tired enough but always know when to stop.
There's always tomorrow. I know it's easier said than done.
But always think that you're not the one who go through this kind of pain. Almost all of the people around you felt the pain once in theirlives. You can always try again tomorrow. Pick up yourself from where he/she left you and promise to yourself that no one will ever hurt you again.

List of broken heart songs:  (in any order)
  •  No woman no cry - Bob Marley
  •  With or without you - U2
  •  Behind these hazel eyes - Kelly Clarkson
  •  Linger - The cranberries
  • Dreaming with a broken heart - John Mayer
  • Thinking of you - Katy Perry
  • One last cry - Brian Mcknight
  • Warning sign - Cold play
  • I'll be over you
  • Everybody hurts
  • Til I get over you - Cristina Millan
  • All I have - J.LO
  • Tears in heaven
  • I want to break free
  • love song - Sara Beirelles
  • Separated - Usher
  • Try it on my own - Whitney Houston
  • How could an angel break my heart - Toni Braxton
  • Irreplaceable - Beyonce
  • Could have been - Tifanni
  • Cry me a river - Justin Timberlake
  • Everytime - Britney Spear
  • From the bottom of my broken heart - Britney Spear
  • If you leave me now - Chicago
  • Piece of my heart - Faith Hill
  • Goodbye - Alicia Keys
  • Alone 
  • All by myself
  • End of the road - Boyz ll men
  • Can't smile without you
  • Without you
  • What if - Babyface
  • When you're Gone - Avril Lavinge
  • Collide - Howie Day
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart
  • Separate lives 
  • Everything I own - Bread
  • You're really not in love so let me go I must be free - Carpenters