why men fears about marriage

If it is the woman's  resolution  to marry after years of being engaged, then she needs to read this article, "About Men Fear of Marriage." Most of the time the groom to be parents can provide the answer about men fear of marriage. Noticeable tension and tolerance between the fiancee  would conjure up the question:  "Why would he  want to rush into a relationship after seeing how his mother and father have been putting up with each other?

Men are smart and practical learning  from what they have seen or experienced for themselves. Marriages after a few years to them become uninteresting and boring and again, In all honesty to women, why would a man want to marry and then have the probability of wandering with other women like his father for an example.  
It is amazing how boys pick up on what is going on in their home lives and then follow the same family blueprint. Men in fear of marriage from experiencing a turbulent family life most likely would fear marriage and opt not to try it at all.  The not trying in at all genre are the ones who have seen relationships play out to the divorce courts with their parents or friends and they do not want to join those stats of marriages gone bad.
Most women think that men are in fear of marriage because  of the "C" word and that word is commitment. These women think that men do not want to be in a relationship with  one woman and want to continue to play the field with the intention to stay away from marriage. Some men may marry and still enjoy play the field but these are the men  who would have betrayed a woman's love. 
Commitment is a big inhibitor to marriage because the word almost sound like confinement  to most men and no one wants to have them freedom restricted. However, if a man falls deeply in love with a woman it would seem that the word commitment would not have to be a stop sign to getting married. Finding the one for most men however may not be as obvious to them as their physical attraction to a woman. Many women are aware of the physical attraction and unabashedly uses it to get unsuspecting men  to the  altar. However, once there, the marriage changes and the focus  could be lost in continuing to please the husband.
After the marriage has been prevalent for a time, the only way out is a divorce and most men do not want the courts to tell them how much child support to pay or when they can see their children. So for the most part men are afraid of the word commitment because of what they they are committing to and then receiving something totally different than promised.
Most women think that a relationship means obsessively pleasing  their boyfriend or husband and does not give him the space that he needs. Women thinks that love means that their every wish and desire should be fulfilled as well and that she should be the number one concern in the relationship.
Men think entirely different and may not be in a hurry to move into her flowery wonderland and would rather keep his independence even if he is in a relationship. Most men like to be in control of the relationship and do not put a lot of emphasis on being together always and forever in romantic bliss. This misunderstanding between the genders can cause a man to have a fear of marriage because he does not know exactly what to expect. The relationship may be going fine while the couple is living together and then the minute the wedding ceremony is over, something seems to change in the relationship and the term "ball and chain" becomes more understandable to him.
Men are afraid of marriage because of the pre-existing condition of having seen married played out in his family in the form of a divorce or a separation. The word commitment sound a bit too much like confinement to them and men do not want to lose their freedom especially if the women expects him to be her everything and he does not quite understand what is required of him. Also men need their space even after marriage and the idea of giving up their independence and control of a relationship to the legality of the courts can cause men to have a fear of marriage and to hence stay away.