10 common signs that he is not over his ex

Realizing that your partner is not over their ex is one of the worse problems that many couples face on a daily basis. Feelings of jealousy, anger, hopelessness, and the feeling that you cannot do anything to help your partner forget about the past are all common when you think about your partners ex. As a man, I have been in the situation where I would constantly think about how great my ex was when dating other people. Unfortunately, your man may continue to have feelings for his ex, and these feelings will only go away with time. This article will look at 10 warning signs that he is thinking about his ex when he is with you.

1. Talks about her in regular conversation

Although it is normal to talk about your past with any new relationship, it is not normal to keep bringing up your ex. It is a warning sign if he brings her up, whether or not it is in a positive or negative context. If he is over his ex, he will not discuss her unless you specifically ask him about it.

2. Stays friends with her

I firmly believe in clean breaks from relationships since it severs any emotional bonds and feelings of jealousy. If he is still friends with her and either talks to her online, on the phone, or goes out with her, then it is very clear he is most likely not over her. Although it is common for men to have friends who are girls, he should respect the relationship he has with you enough to keep his distance from his past flings.

3. Keeps pictures of her

Keeping pictures of his ex is a clear warning sign that he still thinks about her on a daily basis, or at least whenever he sees the picture. If he is over his ex then he will feel comfortable about getting rid of the pictures in order to preserve your relationship.

4. Feelings of being distant during sex

A great way to know if he still thinks of his ex is if he seems like he is "not there" during sex. He could be thinking of his ex, which makes the sex life unhealthy for you.

5. Comparisons

When I am not over an ex and am in a new relationship, I will constantly compare my new girlfriend to my past ones. You will be able to tell if your boyfriend is not over his ex if he tells you that you were better or worse than his ex in some given aspect was if you didn't ask him, but he brought it up.

6. He wants you two to be friends

One of the worse warning signs that he is not over his ex is if he wants you and his ex to be friends, because he knows that you two will get along well. If you would get along well with his ex then that means, you are a lot like her, which implies that you may have been a replacement for him.

7. Listens to the song that he and his ex made their own

In relationships, most of us have songs that remind you of the person you are dating. If you know what song he and his ex shared, and he listens to it on a daily basis, then you can be sure he is thinking of her.

8. Keeps mementos of her lying around

During relationships, it is common to share personal music, letters, and other personal objects with your lover. However, it is a clear warning sign when he keeps all the stuff she made for him as a memento of the relationship.

9. Calls you by her first name a lot

Although it is common to mix people's names up occasionally, it is a sign that he is not over her if he calls you by her name constantly. This warning sign may not apply to everyone because some people have better memories than others do.

10. Talks to you about the past relationship 

Talking about your past relationships about what was good and what is borderline healthy as far as personal growth goes, it is highly inappropriate if the conversation persist more than one or two times. If he talks to you about his past relationship on multiple occasions then you should start to question whether or not he is over his ex.