The perfect wife light-heartedly teases and makes fun of her husband when he tells a joke that isn't funny or that he has repeated a million times. She has a sense of sarcasm and a sense of humor, and once her husband experiences the freedom to banter back and forth with her as they tease each other like schoolchildren, pretending to take offense but laughing all the way, he will be driveninsane by girls who don't get sarcasm and good-natured ribbing.

The perfect wife doesn't just quietly pick up all the clothes, cups, dishes and trash that her husband leaves around, hiding all issues she has with his uncleanliness, and pretend that life is just peachy. She tells him what he can do to keep the place clean and reduce both of their stress levels and workloads. Not to mention, her husband might just be the type who is a clean freak himself. Her husband might even be the one who is more into cleanliness and keeping the place neat and orderly.

The perfect wife doesn't just lay there in bed with her husband, putting up with his snoring that makes their bedroom sound like the Fast and the Furious' race scenes. The perfect wife helps her husband find a treatment for said snoring, for BOTH of their benefits. 

The perfect wife knows that it shouldn't be her responsibility to cook 100 percent of the time. The perfect wife has a husband who enjoys cooking as well, not just sitting on the couch with his Budweiser in hand, waiting for her to finish dinner. In fact, she might have to fight him for use of the kitchen at times. The perfect wife is one who has taste in husbands, and there's not much use for not knowing how to cook for one's self. What are you gonna do when your wife can't cook for you or it's simply a better idea for you to cook for you, or better yet, to cook for her? Maybe she's worked late, too - and trust me, the perfect wife isn't just a stay at home wife. 

The perfect wife sometimes needs to vent about her day, because obviously, she will have her bad days, and she will have her bad moods. In exchange, she will give her husband a chance to vent about his day. Both will listen to each other's vents and rants, and then they will help each other feel better by whatever they want to do - date night, one cooking for the other, or simply falling asleep in each other's arms.

The perfect wife comes forth about issues in her mind regarding things - money, chores, kids. She wants her husband to help out with the chores, and she appreciates it very much when he does, and lets him know this. She knows this isn't the fifties, and that a man usually isn't TRULY happy just being married to a maid. It's far more important for her to make him feel emotionally needed - not just needed for his money. It's also far more important for her to be needed emotionally - not just needed for housework.

The perfect wife can pay her own bills, can drive her own car, can buy her own clothes and spa treatments, can enjoy a good cigar or beer now and then, and can freak out when her favorite sports team loses. She's an independent woman. She's an independent woman who needs you because she loves you, as opposed to a dependent woman who loves you(or pretends to love you) because she needs you. You tell me, men, which one do you prefer?