Whether you are a good flirt on not, don’t just keep it for the guy who you go on a date with and spread you love, wit and charm to everyone, as you just don’t know who is listening or will take notice. Not only is flirting fun, but it doesn’t have to be outrageously obvious or sexual and it won’t only make you feel good, but also the person you are directing it towards. Remember flirting is supposed to be fun and you never know; you may just get more of a positive response from someone.
If you’re stuck in a jam, which we know KL is notorious for, make the situation a lighter for you and the cute guy in the car next to you. Glance his way, and when he notices, turn away bashfully, but then glance back. It’s outright flirting and will probably make his day and the jam more bearable. It will also make you feel good inside. You never know, if you’re in the wrong lane, he’ll probably let you nip in front of him, which many people aren’t partial too when in a jam.

If you are meeting with a group of friends and there is a good looking new guy that you haven’t met before, or a guy that has caught your where you get your coffee then give them a compliment. Tell them that you love the colour shirt they are wearing, that it really suits them or that you like it when a guy wears pink. They’ll remember the compliment, appreciate it and more than likely return one when you next see them.
If you’re at a bar or club ordering drinks and a cute guy is standing next to you, pay him a compliment. If he is single he’ll probably come and find you. Guys love compliments as it gives them a small ego boost and confirms to them they are attractive to the opposite sex. You would have given his ego a good massage.
stock.xchngRelax a little and have more fun. People seem to be so uptight these days with everything having to be perfect. Why not be a little goofy? If there is a guy that has caught your eye, be a little different from everyone else in getting his attention and be laid back. Think of a different and fun way to let someone know you have noticed them and it grabs their attention.
If a guy tells a joke or a funny story and you find it amusing then laugh out loud and announce that you “love someone with a sense of humour” or that you find them entertaining or comical. Studies have found that men are actually attracted to women that find them funny and are receptive to their humour. They will relish in the compliment and the laughter and smiles will light up your face. Plus it seems that more women are looking for men that can make them laugh and are comical, so you may have just met your match!
If you go grab work with lunch colleagues and the guy you secretly have an almighty crush on picks the place and you had a good lunch, let him know. Tell him that it was a great choice, and that you loved the food and the restaurant. Clearly this doesn’t apply if they decide to drag you off to some fast food joint.
If you at the gym and there is a cute personal trainer, you rather like your tennis coach or your yoga teacher is hot (yes, guys can do yoga, you get the idea) ask them to perform an advanced weight lift/ace serve or asana stretch because you have always wanted to see it done by a pro! Now if that doesn’t grab their attention, nothing will. It’s a subtle as a pinch on the bottom!
If you in a bar of chilled restaurant and there is sport on, ask the cute guy who he supports, whether it’s football, horse racing, cricket or some other sweaty manly game. You’re probably wondering why, but make sure that you slip in “so I know who to support” when you ask him. Most women aren’t interested in sport, so he’ll be totally thrown by this!