There are certain things that will attract a guy to the opposite sex which will encourage them to get to know the person better in the hope of developing a relationship. However, there are also certain characteristics and behaviours that will turn a guy off and stop him from perusing anything. If your single and don’t seem to be getting anywhere when it comes to dating, make sure you avoid these traits that men don’t like.
Not knowing what you want from a relationship or a man when it comes to dating is just frustrating and irritating for a potential suitor. Until you work out what you are looking for in a man and what type of relationship you want there isn’t much point going on dates. At least have a vague idea.
A needy or clingy womanthat requires constant attention or phones non-stop is not only irritating, but it’s unattractive too. Try to tell yourself that you don’t need the person in your life, but you want them in your life. Don’t jump the gun and automatically be all lovey-dovey.
You may have been on the dating scene for a while, but there is no need to tell potential suitors of your desperate need to marry and have children. Men are aware that this is something women want, but reminding them about your internal body clock is again jumping the gun and will see them run.
Women who are controlling are also not particularly attractive to me. We are saying they want the submissive girlfriend who has no independent thoughts of her own, but don’t try to run a man’s life and order him here, there and everywhere. The may way or the high way attitude will surely bite you on the ass.
A woman that is too serious for her own goodand doesn’t have an element of fun about her will also find this to be unappealing to men. Men like women to have at least an ounce of humour and to be able to give and take a joke without being offended. You just give off the perception that you are a bore.
There are some women thatattract, create and love drama in their lives as though they believe it adds excitement too their lives. However, men really don’t want to have to deal with this and really only want a simple life. They don’t want to be part of a soap opera of someone else’s life.
Many men will also stay clear of materialistic women. Not necessarily because they can’t afford all the expensive things that are demanded or expected, but simple because they realise that they person doesn’t see or neglects to see the finer things in a relationship, because for the woman it centres around money.