6 Ways To Know:

1) Looking to interpret body language, that someone could lie, and not to eye contact when speaking, you are anxious, nervous or act or make uncomfortable.

2) Note that if the person refuses to answer questions with perseverance. Defensive extremely mean he or she may try to hide something.

3) See if someone accused you lying or misleading if they do not. This could be a sign the other person’s own behavior underlying that he or she is projected to take you instead.

4) Listen to your instincts and intuition. You just know that someone is lying. If you are unsure, do not jump to conclusions. Try evidence to support their intuition.

5) Do not forget to ask directly if the person has lied. Many people feel hard to find, caught in a lie and is a relief to finally be honest.

6) To lie Try to understand and listen to the reasons for the person. Was he/she not trying to hurt you? Feared she/he would be angry, frustrated or disappointed?