10 ways to lose a guy

Follow these ten ways on how end a relationship and to be free of the boyfriend and the relationship.
1. Continually talk to the boyfriend about the same things over and over again. The common term is nagging but for unmarried couples that would not apply. If you are in a relationship and is trying to end the relationship; be a badger and say the same things over and over again until you annoy the crap out of him. It could be as simple as telling him that you prefer getting to a location your way. Each time you head out, start the same conversation about how your directions are fine and then start to instruct him on your way of getting to his destination. If he disagrees as always, then that is the beginning of a way to end the relationship. He will not welcome you riding with him if he knows that you are going to disagree at every opportunity on directions. You know how men are about directions so this argument should be an easy one to do to lose your man and end the relationship.
2. Stop trying to look your best all of the time is another way to end a relationship. In fact, let the boyfriend see the morning you without your makeup and foundation on. Add a few rollers and see if that will get him running. If he truly loves you, of course, looks will not matter. This advice is for the new guy that you just met and you are trying to lose and in a hurry. As the popular song goes, in the morning, just throw anything on and go. If he told you (and some guys will) that he wants you to look like a fashion model when you go out on a date; digress. You are guaranteed to lose this guy if he wants to walk into the club with a trophy beauty and instead have the fellows look away like what hole did he pull her from? This one is a gem for losing your man and by the way drop the deodorant.
3. When your boyfriend and  you are out of a date turn the tables and have him see you stare at the more attractive men in the restaurant. The technique of not giving him all of your attention will surely end the relationship. In fact mention, like girls do to other girls and say loudly something like: "Don't you like the authentic Rolex watch that the guy in the corner booth is wearing?" Yes, ladies, you can see a Rolex watch from that distance. Degrade your man every chance you get about what he does for a living and let him know that you could care less about bricklaying. You can lose a guy in a minute if you make it known that you do not like what he does especially if he thinks that its a great job. End the relationship by  belittling him every chance you get.
4. Flirt with other guys when you go out on a date with your boyfriend  to end the relationship. Now for this venture, girls you want to look like a fashion model complete with the accessories and deodorant. Wear your most sexiest backless little black dress and act like you are interested in him until you reach the destination of your date. He will be taken by surprise when all of a sudden you begin to flirt with the waiter, then with the guy who came in alone and set at the table next to the two of you. Just flirt with everyone except him. You know what to do. Make sure that your attention is elsewhere instead of with the guy you are trying to lose. He will get the message and you are not going to hear from him again. You would have succeeded in ending the relationship and losing the guy. That was the plan, right?
5. Tell your boyfriend that you are not attracted to him in any way, form or fashion to end the relationship. Be careful how you phrase that because most guys think that you mean that you are in fact attracted to him. So when you tell him that ou are no longer attracted to him,  you must say it around other people to totally embarrass him. You may have to drive home so have your car parked nearby. No need to play around with the guy if you are not attracted to him and want to lose him. Just tell him that you are not attracted to him and make sure you tell him with public embarrassment thrown in for free.
6. Tell your boyfriend  that you have a headache twenty-four seven and is never in the mood for sex. Now sexual denial would definitely be one way of ending a relationship. Now being a cold turkey is a big turn off as sex is one of a man's major things to do for pleasure and enjoyment. Tell him that you would rather talk to all of your million Twitter followers and do not wish to satisfy him in the bedroom. After a while, he will get the message that you would much rather have him find another partner. Accomplish your goal of ending the relationship by wearing a different tee nightly that says the same thing: Not tonight Dear, I have a Headache. He will finally get the message.
7. Stop fixing him his favorite meal when he comes to visit if it is your turn to cook. In fact, find out what is his least favorite meal and prepare that particular meal.   He will get the idea that you are not trying that hard to please his palate. Sooner or later, he will get the message and start having dinner at his Mom's or that new girlfriend you were trying to dump load him off to. After all, you are trying to lose the guy, right?
8. Be financially irresponsible with the household finances. If he is a stickler for accounting for everything that you shop for, overdue it with a shopping spree of nonsense items that have no functional purpose or value. Oh, and make sure that you do not buy anything for him. Let him know that you could care less about his fiscally responsible new plan to increase the credit score. This method of irresponsibility in accounting for purchases will surely help you to lose the guy.
9. Make him wake hours for you to emerge for a date and then make sure that you looked the same way when you opened the door to let him in. He will know for sure that you are not anxious to see him. He may be off the couch after an hour of waiting for you to dress for the date and may invite himself to the outgoing door himself. He will get the message if you do this a few times, after that the door will stop revolving. This is one way of losing the guy, just make him wait and wait for you when going out on a date while you talk to your girlfriends on the telephone while he watches you talk and continues to wait.
10.When he comes over to pick you up for a date, have another fellow there and do not choose to go out with him. Imagine the degradation of being stood up and then actually seeing the new boyfriend (girls make sure that the other guy is a cutie) as he rings the door bell and you walk out with your new beau. He should get the message that you are not interested in him with that bit of drama. When he calls to ask you why you would do a thing like that; just hang up the phone.
These are the top ten mean and inconsiderate ways to lose a guy. More often than not, just like the dust mop commercial that the lady keeps trying to hang up on with her new Swivel mop, he'll just keep popping up.