Is he in love with me?

Does the Guy's Action Prove that He is in Love?

All guys who are dating know that the number one thing a girl wants to hear is that the guy is in love with her. In the days of the past, a man’s word was his honor but in a relationship girls got to be careful to believe is the guy's word is his honor. Some guys can be quite manipulative to get what they want either to keep the girl as a friend or to stay in her good graces for sexual satisfaction. The guy who lies about being in love have a willing receptacle  to him telling the girl that he is in love because this is exactly what girl want to hear.
However, girls have to be leery and aware of whether a truth is being told for manipulative reasons or whether or not the guy is truly in love. There is one way to know when a guy is lying about being in love and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.
Action speaks louder than words and if the girl has heard these endearing words spoken but discovers the guy  prefers to be in other places and with someone else especially if a date has been planned, then he is not truly in love. Manipulative guys will of course have a believable excuse because of experience getting what he wants from girls using the lie about being in love. Girls who are told that the guy is in love should not listen to the lies about him being in love and then the resultant excuses when the guy’s actions does not live up to those endearing words of love.
The manipulative guy and the naive girl is the optimal relationship because the girl believes that he loves her regardless of what he does in repudiation and the guy gets to even date other girls unknowingly to the girlfriend because she is under the impression that he is in love with her. But if the action of the guy does not measure of to one of being in love like for an example only seeing her when he is in need of sex  and not keeping dates with the girl, then most likely the guy lied about being in love.
Also girls whether naïve or not about being in love needs to reexamine their idea of what love is all about. Even if the girl thinks that she has found the one and the guy is in agreement to get to home plate, then the girl is apt to remain in that hypnotic state until someone else makes her realize that the guy is just a player and can not really be serious about the girlfriend and is in it to win it just for himself. Mostly guys who lie about being in love are also the selfish type with the what is in it for me mentality which can not be an oasis for love. Unless the love relationship is mutual between both parties, then most likely he guy is playing the girl and the girl is no more than a reservoir for his sexual pleasures if she is naive enough to believe the lie.
It is not difficult to tell if a relationship is shallow and has no basis even after the “I love you” phrase has been spoken from the guy. If the girl who thinks that the guy is in love with her finds herself alone most of the time and the other liaison is only with her when  he is needy for a sexual relationship, then mostly likely the guy is not truly in love.
Again actions speaks louder than words and if the guy is not spending time with the girlfriend then most likely he lied when he told her that he was in love. The girl who has realized that the guy lied about being in love needs to break up the relationship and to move on. Girls should not think that they can get a guy to truly fall in love with them because she wants him to treat her like she is the only girl in the world for an example. Girls who feel this way is only in love with being in love and is not receiving the full benefit of being in love.
To know when a guy is lying about being in love, the girlfriend needs to look at whether or not his actions towards her amounts to love of something far removed such as loneliness and unhappiness. If the guy is not actively seeking to spend time with the girl to confirm his love for her then most likely he was manipulative and the woman was naive and in love with the ideal of being in love to put up with the lies and the deception.