How love fails

No one has to describe how it  feels when love fails. Losing love at one time or many times has happened to the best  and to just about all. A disappointment in a child seeing the family crumble into bits like the bread crumbs at the bottom of the toaster is seeing love fail when divorce happens. The awakening of a vibrant partner from a relationship that has been stagnated to the point of one or both of the two involved running away from each other quoting: "I have had it and I am not going to take it anymore!" signifies that love has failed. 
Failing out of love dramatically as just described is mostly played out like that in the movie studios. In real life, one of the partners in the relationship just stops calling or communicating with the other until you they can  not seem to remember the boyfriend's cell phone number without checking the phone contact list. Then the girlfriend realizes that the relationship must be over because it has been ions since the two in the relationship spent time together. Without communicating and talking with each other does not give love even a smidgen  of a chance of love being rekindled.
Unless the girlfriend was lock sack and barreled into the relationship and feels enormous heartache from seeing that love is failing, she can easily just say like Shania Twain, whatever, and move on. But if this was thought to be the love of the girlfriend's life and she  are left by the wayside  signaling for a taxi that is not coming, then she  may need to do some serious thinking about how to keep her relationship from failing.
The first thing the girlfriend needs to do when love fails is to take a reality check. Did she see the end of the relationship coming and were the girlfriend just a little too uncomfortable trying to make something work that was becoming a hassle on the both? There is this thing called chemistry that sparks between two people and sometimes the sparks last and sometimes the sparks flicker, flicker again and then finally sputters out. If the girlfriend  saw that love was failing in the relationship then moving on will be much easier to do.
On the other hand if the girlfriend in the relationship that is about to fail was sideswiped with a newcomer to the relationship and thinking that everything was going okay then may want to just end the relationship. How could the boyfriend  have used and abused the girlfriend's  love when all the time his attention was headed in another direction? The girlfriend  may want to take her  frustrations out at the gym and lose a few pounds over that one and with each mile, let the treadmill be the  fortress and let the sweat be your emotional outlet for a failing relationship. The best thing to do when the girlfriend sees that love is failing in the relationship is to bail out and be thankful that her emotions, time and energy were not further wasted on something that  just was not happening.
When love fails, do not give up on meeting that special person and moving on to another relationship. Depending on the  commitment and involvement  to the previous relationship, the girlfriend should   give herself time to get her act back together. The girlfriend should do the the things that she  had been putting off until a rainy day, like reading that latest New York Times best seller.
The girlfriend should take a deep breath and love the her unique universe again because it will always be there and just relax; content to be herself again and not necessarily alone. Love may have failed but like Whitney Houston said in one of her popular songs: The greatest love of all is to love yourself. Loving ones self  by the way is a prerequisite to love and can actually prevent love failing.