The Worst Ways to Break Up Relationships

The worst ways to break up relationships is the same thing that would have kept it together and that is the big "C" word, communication the lack thereof. By not communicating with the girlfriend or boyfriend could keep the  relationship on the path to a relationship failure. The real culprit in stop talking in the  relationship are guys who invariable just walks away without letting the girlfriend know what went wrong.  Guys for reasons not of the girlfriend's knowledge just stop communicating with her or trying to contact her and just walks away for the relationship sometimes leaving the girl confused and puzzled.
 This abandonment from the guys is the worst way of breaking up because some girls may delay starting a new relationship because of unresolved issues with wanting to know if the guy will call or not. When the boyfriend uses the lack of communication and just ends the relationship by walking away, the girlfriend who could be optimistic delays beginning new relationship because there has been no closure to the previous relationship.
Girls have to be communicated with  face to face  when the relationship has ended. Guys however would have moved on  while the girl waits for a cell phone pick up Guys have to realize that the proper way to break up a relationship is to call and just tell the girl that it is over. One of the worst ways of breaking up a relationship is to abandon it altogether without communicating to the other partner what is going on and the reason for the break up.
Another worst way to break up a relationship  is to use the coldness of technology and email or text the girlfriend or the boyfriend instead of having that face to face talk. Technology and communication is great if in e commerce and wants to reach millions of customers all over the world.  But if the  call is to break up a relationship, the channel of communication got to be face to face or the break up would be as  Kanye West sings "Heartless." Direct face to face communication is the only way to soften the heartbreak of receiving information that a relationship has ended.  Using technology such as email or cell phone texting  does not ease the disappointment  of failed relationships and is another worst way to end relationships.
The feelings of relationship rejection can be overwhelming as it is but to read the text that used to be so welcoming but is now stoic and cold in its message is one of the worst ways to end a relationship. Girls may promptly delete the text from the cell phone or the computer of the break up but feelings of disappointment  are not so easily dealt with. The worst way that a guy can break up with a girl or vice versus is to use electronic devices for such a personal call upon an issue that can be heartbreaking and not easily dealt with upon receipt.
The worst way to break up a relationship is for the boyfriend not to man up to the ending of the relationship and start a rumour mill with friends, and family members that the relationship is over. Everyone has that one person in the family or their personal associations who if you tell something to once it will be all over town within minutes. Guys know how to use the rumor mill to get things started and so however he decide to break off with the girl, she would have had expected it but not directly from the boyfriend. 
Telling a best friend that the relationship is over is another indication of a worst way scenario of breaking up relationships. The boyfriend may wonder why the girlfriend's  best friend is suddenly coming on to him in a more non platonic way and it may be that her friend told her that the relationship is breaking up. Because girls practically tell everything to their best friends, they are the first to know before the boyfriend gets the news and some b*****h  get the word and starts to creep in on the boyfriend's territory.
Indirect ways of telling the  boyfriend or girlfriend that the relationship is over or is breaking up are worst ways of ending relationships.  If there is no face to face communication while breaking up a relationship then more likely than one of the worst ways to end a relationship is playing out for the sometimes unsuspecting  partner.  The boyfriend or the girlfriend should not abandon the relationship without a word between the two  and should not use electronic devices to break up the relationship. The boyfriend or the girlfriend should not tell their best friends of the pending break up  or start a rumor mill so that the break up would have supposedly been easier. The best way to break up relationships is to use integrity and honestly tell the other partner suspecting or unsuspecting  that the relationship is over.