Many women have noticed their boyfriend acting a little distant and preoccupied and wondered whether they should ask them What was wrong or just let it go. This can be quite a problem. To handle it you need this expert advice to make him love you again.

Being in love with someone that you feel is drifting away from you can cause a lot of heart ache and confusion. If you come right out and ask him what is the problem, it could give him the opportunity to breakup with you that he is looking for. On the other hand if you just let things go, you will probably lose him anyway. This can put you on edge and make you seem to be the one that is unhappy with the relationship. You might begin to nag and be irritable and this can drive him away even faster.

The reason men start acting distant is because they are no longer happy with the relationship. They might be bored or feel unappreciated. In any case being on edge and irritable will not make him love you again.
Instead you should be looking at yourself and the way you are going about making the relationship a happy one. You might think that showing him more and more affection is the way to keep your man happy, but that is not always the case.

Too much affection can be smothering and if you are constantly calling your boyfriend, he could feel trapped. Men have to have a certain amount of freedom. They need a night out with the guys once in a while. You should develop other interests as well and this will take the pressure off him. Have a night out once a week with your girlfriends and spend more time with your family. If you are not always available he will appreciate his time with you more and not become bored.

Another reason your boyfriend fell out of love with you, might be if you become too pushy in your effort to get him to commit. Some men remember their childhood, when they saw their father grow old before his time from working two jobs in an effort to keep up with the bills. He remembers how his parents used to argue over money matters. This can make him shy away from commitment, and if you push him he will run.

There can be many reasons for a man to become disillusioned with a relationship. The best way to make him love you again is to show him that you are his best friend and that he can confide his problems and fears in you and he will always get real compassion and understanding. If the two of you become true friends instead of just being lovers, he will never fall out of love with you.

People who "fall out of love" can indeed fall back in love.

It happens all the time.

Occasionally I hear people want to end relationships because they have "fallen out of love".

They just don't feel what they once felt hence think the relationship must end so they can find someone else who they truly love.

My response to this is that, most often, "falling out of love" really means, a couple hasn't invested in the relationship in a way to keep love alive and vibrant.

Now, of course there are times where a couple has moved into two different worlds and has no interest in coming together, or a couple finds the relationship unhealthy, and therefore believe it is in the best interest to separate.

But, more often then not, a couple can absolutely rekindle that spark if they want to, and if they are willing to nurture the relationship.

I use the plant analogy a lot but it applies to this situation... if a plant is not given the nutrients it needs to survive it will die. Similarly if a relationship is not given nourishment it too will wilt and ultimately die. But, even a wilted plant can come back to life if given sunlight, water, and healthy soil.

And, the love that was once in a relationship can also come alive again with the proper care. In truth, often couples find their new found love is even stronger and more powerful than previously, and that overcoming the challenge brought them together in new more amazing ways.

To create a vibrant healthy relationship does take time, energy, and determination. It takes a willingness on both parties to move toward love. And it takes knowing that one can, again, fall in love.