Relationships should be about helping the other person become a better version of themselves. This could come from encouragement, proactive listening, or fighting it out until a point is made. As long as there is passion, as long as you care, as long as you have a pulse there will be a reason to work it out and enrich each other’s lives. Being indifferent, not caring about the outcome, and not being affected by what the other person says, does or feels is the toxic that lacerates relationships.

Being indifferent in a relationship is a trademark sign of giving up.

The passion is gone, and what’s left is a mutual comfort or beneficial living arrangement. So what can you do once you’ve reached the point of indifference? Is it really the point of no-return?

Here are a few things you can give try in order to put the spark back into your relationship.
Get some space. Take some time away from your relationship, and use that energy to get your thoughts together, and spend some time with friends and family. You might just get your old self back, the one your significant other was so attracted to when you just met.

  • Be romantic. Put some effort into planning something special for your significant other. Just the act of planning, and exerting effort will put you into a better state of mind toward them.

  • Just love them. Just like making yourself laugh can actually put you into a happy mood, you can achieve the same results just by loving someone. Just love them and you will love them. Think about that.

  • See other people. Agree to date other people for a bit. You might realize what you were missing, or you might find something that works better for you.

  • See a couple’s counselor. Most relationship problems stem from a lack of communication. That’s because most people do not know how to communicate properly. See a professional, learn this skill, and improve your relationship.

  • Listen to understand. Keep listening and asking questions. Do not offer advice, an opinion, or become defensive. Just listen, ask, and dig deeper for understanding. You might rebuild and strengthen a bad connection.

  • Be spontaneous. Even creatures of habit need a change. If your relationship is too habitual and not exciting enough, this could lead to boredom and indifference. Do something crazy, different, spontaneous, and extraordinary. Create some memories, after all this is what life’s special moments are made of.

  • Set mutual goals. There is definitely something fulfilling about goal achievement. Share amongst you a mutual addiction for achieving something great. You could end up being a great team again, and rekindling old flames.

These are just some suggestions for eradicating indifference. I’m sure that you could think of several more on your own, and I would love it if you would share this in the comment section below.

Remember, there is no shame in cutting your loses and moving on from a relationship. Essentially a relationship is supposed to make you happy, and if it’s doing the complete opposite, and draining you of your life energy, than you might just be better off alone. That’s your call!