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Feel Sexy in a Flash

Whether you've got a free hour and a hot partner in crime to share it with or just a precious few moments to yourself, it's a snap to unleash your inner vixen with these steamy to-do's. Turn up the sultry from your head (after all, the brain is the ultimate sex organ) to your pedicured toes — with a few choice stops in between!

you have...10 seconds:
Grab him by the belt and sneak a peek at his package.
Alone? Sneak a peek at yourself!
Spray a light spritz of your signature scent in his caror on his pillow.
Ditch the panty hose.
Give him a friendly — or feisty! — slap on the behind.
Put on your sexy jeans.
Kick off the sneakers and strap on the stilettos.
Slip your hand into your guy's back pocket.
Give him bedroom eyes and lick your lips.
Hike up your skirt an inch.
Make eye contact with a cute stranger.

30 seconds:
Send him a sweet or seductive text message.
Clench your girl muscles.
Spray a dollop of whipped cream on your chest and ask your man to lick it off.
Whisper something — anything — to him in French.
Pull him in for a long, seductive kiss.
Make out in the elevator.
Kiss him awake in the a.m.
Take off his belt, slowly.

1 minute:
Jump into the shower with him for a quick, hot make-out session.
Change out of your cotton panties into a lacy thong.
Get confident with perfect posture: Push your shoulders back and stand up straight.
Whisper in his ear a play-by-play of exactly what it is you plan to do to him tonight.
Loosen up — extend your arms high, bend over, try a split — within his view, of course.
Tell him about your hot dream.
Rest your hand on his inner thigh under the table.

Indulge in some PDA: French kiss in the car at a red light, cuddle in the park, or hold hands on a walk.
Share a peach.
Dance around (or undress for him!) to your favorite get-in-the-mood song.
Treat him to a lap dance — or a lap snuggle.
Make out in the back of a movie theater or in the coat room at a party.
10 minutes:
Pop into the nearest nail salon or spa for a mini-massage.
Checking your e-mail? Unloading the dishwasher? Strip down to your bra and panties.
Melt some chocolate, grab a few strawberries, and indulge in instant fondue!
Swap your coffee break for a visit with your vibrator.
Model your new lingerie for him.
Ask him to paint your toenails — how about hot pink?
Skip the bikini wax and ask him to shave you down there.
Curl up together in a hammock and let gravity pull you close.
Half an hour:
Write your lover a sonnet or, if you're feeling less elaborate, a haiku.
Pop in a naughty DVD — watch it with your guy or solo.
Go skinny-dipping.
Enjoy a candlelit bath and two glasses of bubbly with him.
Treat his tootsies to a pedicure and a foot rub.
Head over to his place in just a trench coat and high heels.
Do some partner yoga moves. Three words: sweaty intertwined bodies.
Set the alarm 30 minutes earlier for tomorrow, then rise and shine for some naked hang-out time.
Head to the mall and try on something supersexy.
An hour:
Sign up for cardio strip-tease at the gym.
Cuddle, touch, and tease — in the nude.
Head to bed with erotica and a bottle of wine, then take turns reading and sipping.
Cook him dinner, wearing nothing but an apron.
Work up a sweat together, then wash each other off.
Become a sexpert: Read up on giving oral sex, then show him what you've learned.
Do something exhilarating together, like skydiving or riding a big roller coaster.
Give each other 20-minute massages, but hold off on any sexual touching. Wait — that still leaves 20 minutes. You know what to do....