How to attract Love using the Law of Attraction
People who have heard about the Law of Attraction and want to learn how to use it to manifest their dreams often have specific goals in mind i.e. they want more money, a better job or a nice house. One of the most common questions I see asked online is ‘how can I use the law of attraction to attract love?' or ‘ is it possible to manifest love?' The answer to these questions is pretty simple. The law of attraction will work for what ever you want to manifest as long as you follow the formula.
So what is the formula? Ask - Believe - Release - Receive.
But before we get to the formula and attracting love into your life there is some groundwork that needs to be done first. As with all manifestations you first need to be clear before you begin. Getting clear simply means that your mind is free from excess baggage from other relationships, making sure that there are no negative emotions like fear or self-doubt stopping you from attracting the man/woman of your dreams. Here are some tips to help you get clear.
Check on your self-love level.
Spend some time in reflection to discover your feelings about yourself, decide if you truly love yourself, if you think highly of yourself or if you think you are worthy or loving.
Make note of your self-love level
Take a piece of paper and write down all the good things about yourself, make note of how kind and caring you are, how smart you are, what nice teeth you have, what great legs you have, how compassionate you are, how passionate you are, what a great listener you are, what a great husband/wife you would make, how deserving you are of love, how good you are at gardening, plumbing, writing, speaking... just what ever you can think of that is good about yourself write it down. Note though that the manifestation process works much faster if you truly believe what you are writing down about yourself.
Believe you are ready
Carry this piece of paper around with you for as long as it takes for you to truly believe that you are all the things you said you are. Convince yourself that you are confident, worthy and ready for love. This process is basically preparing you for receiving love and it is very important because if you do not love yourself you will not be able to attract love. The first love affair you must have is with yourself.
After the clearing process you will be ready to place your order for love with the universe. To do this you must be absolutely sure about the kind of relationship/person you want to attract. If you are unclear about this you will send mixed messages to the universe and you will attract a mixed bag of candidates. Remember the law of attraction states that like attracts like, whatever thoughts you put out there will return to you.
Make a note of your desires
Take another piece of paper and this time write down a full description of the type of person you want to attract, be as precise and clear as possible. Make your descriptions positive; do not allow any negatives on your list. For instance do not write ‘I do not want my partner to be abusive' instead write ‘my ideal partner is kind and supportive'. Put down every little detail that you want in the person you intend to attract, the clearer you are about your intention the easier it will be for the universe to deliver what you want.
Forget what you do not want
Often when people are asked what they want, they immediately recite a great long list of things that they do not want. People are often extremely clear about what they do not want and spend a great deal of time lamenting the fact. This is why they continuously fall into the same types of relationships, they are getting what they are focusing on and they are focusing on what they do not want. Therefore if you want to successfully manifest your ideal partner you need to forget what you do not want, and channel your energies into what you DO want.
This is often the most challenging part, but if you have gone through the clearing process and you truly believe that you are worthy and ready for love it will happen very quickly. At this stage it is also very important to keep you vibration level high. In other words stay focused and positive for a long as you can. If at any time you find negative thoughts invading your mind, change your thinking immediately to something positive, try to keep your mood light and happy, remain focused and think only of how great it will be when you meet your ideal partner.
Act as if
Believe you have already met the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with and act as if they are with you, by this I mean, visualize it, feel the emotions of it, allow yourself to dream about how you will feel when it happens. The universe is a feeling one and your vibrations will be picked up very quickly if you focus your energy on positive emotions.
Set it and forget it
I have nicknamed the releasing process as ‘set it and forget it' because that is exactly what you need to do. You have already gone through the clearing process, so you know exactly what you want, you have asked for desire and you have felt the feelings of having your desire in your possession, so you have ‘set it', now its time to ‘forget it'. If you go into a store and order a bed you will not go back to the store the next day and order the same bed again just in case. So it is with the universe, you must now let go and let the universe bring, that which is unseen into the seen realm.
Do not check up on the universe to make sure it has received your order, that will tell the universe that you do not believe and these thoughts will impede the attraction process. Do not spend time wandering when your desire will manifest and how it will manifest as these are signals of lack of belief. Relax, stay positive and allow the universe to bring your desire to you in the manner in which it sees fit. Do this for as long as it takes to manifest your desire.
Unexpected arrivals
When you have mastered all of the above you will be open to receiving that which you desire, it will often begin with small hints, you may be used to doing your grocery shopping at a particular store and then for some reason you will get a hint or a nudge from the universe to go to another store, do not fight the hint go with it, most likely the reason will be revealed soon after. Being open to receiving is equally as important as all of the other steps I have mentioned so far. If you are not willing to listen to your higher self, the universe, God, Allah, Buddha... whatever you call the Supreme Being, you will miss what is being offered to you.
It is imperative that you relax and release your desires to the universe then and only then will you be open to receiving the relationship and the love that you truly deserve. The Law of Attraction is working 24/7 365, it will not stop for anyone and you can tap into and use this amazing awesome power to create the kind of life and love you have always dreamed about when you know and use the formula for manifesting your desires.