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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for your Girlfriend/Wife

Wonder what will you give to your wife or girlfriend this Christmas? Look no more.

Here are the top 5 Christmas gifts for her.

No.1 - A spa day

"You can never go wrong with a gift certificate for spatreatments. Every girl loves it. You can never go wrong with those. Whether your girlfriend is into mani-pedis or massages or scrubs or a weekend away at a spa retreat -- this gift tops my list."

No.2 - A weekend vacation
"Plan a weekend vacation as a gift. Out here in California, there’s a place called the Post Mansion in Big Sur, which is the most beautiful, romantic, eco-friendly place. It’s just amazing. That would be a really extravagant gift to give your special lady."

No.3 - Her dream shoes
"For sure, I like a great pair of shoes. Investigate your girlfriend’s closet and ask her friends, but most guys know pretty quickly when their girl is into shoes and which designers she likes."

No.4 - Your top five books/films
"I love the idea that if your boyfriend is a film buff or a book buff, or whatever he’s into, he buys his girlfriend his top five films or top five books and shares them with his lady -- especially if his lady loves films and books as well. It’s nice when he really thought out, 'These are my top five.'"

No.5 - A surprise romantic evening
"On the romantic side, surprising your girlfriend with a romantic evening at home when she least expects it is always amazing. Cook dinner, have flowers and run a bath with flower pedals inside, and light candles everywhere. It will totally take her breath away."