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~ Welcome to the Gift of Song ~

First of all we'd like to say thanks for finding us. Now that you're here please take a moment to read about our unique and wonderful Manhattan-based service.

What is the Gift of Song ?

The Gift of Song is a unique music service geared towards amateur singers and and hobbyists who wish to record like the famous artists do.

Who is the Gift of Song for?

The Gift of Song has been used by tourists, newlyweds, graduates, birthday name it! Either give the Gift of Song to someone you love, or treat yourself! The Gift of Song is frequently used for special occasions like Valentines Day, birthdays, weddings, graduations, and especially the holiday season. No matter what the occasion, the Gift of Song will always give it a special and memorable flair.

From the Shower to the Studio...

With the Gift of Song, even the average person can sound like a pro. With our high-end recording equipment and professional producers and engineers, you will leave with a commercial quality personalized CD.

The Perfect Gift...

Do you have a friend or a relative that is impossible to shop for? Someone who seems to already have every gift or has done everything? Why not give a gift that lasts for ever? The gift that one can continue to cherish decades from now?
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