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Creativ wedding gift idea

A note on the registry thing, while we are at it...many brides use Anthropologie's wish list feature as their makeshift "Anthropologie registry." The downside to this is that it really isn't one--you can't deduct in-store purchases, only online ones, from a wish list. With free online shipping until Labor Day, this isn't as much of an issue, but in the future, it might be, as in-store purchases could lead to brides getting duplicate items.
Special gift idea for bridal

Next on my list of great gifts would be a cute apron. Anthro definitely has the prettiest aprons around. I personally really like The Lady's Apron ($32), with its cute ruffled skirt.
Toasc card wedding gift
Under wear wedding gift

The Baker's Delight Apron ($32, below) is another great option--it was recently worn by Kristin Davis (aka Charlotte) in Sex and the City 2.

Creativ wedding gift idea

My last pick would be the Fleur Recipe Cards ($14). I have several sets of these and they are as pretty in person as they are online. They are made out of nice, thick paper, and seem to be holding up well. If you are someone who is culinarily-inclined, you could fill out some of the cards with your own killer recipes before passing them onto the bride--hopefully creating some go-to recipes for her to rely on in the future.

Bracelet wedding gift image

Last but not least, I put together a little styling photo to show you how I would put all these gifts together.
This basket includes the Dotty Match Apron, a Dotty Match Potholder, a pack of the Fleur Recipe Cards, a Paisleys Spoon Rest, and two of the Orjen Iris Bowls. The total cost of it would come to $88 dollars, which would be pretty reasonable if you split it with a friend and presented the gift as coming from both of you.

I hope this gave you some good ideas for gifts for the brides in your life. Happy wedding season!