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Creative Beads Gift 2011

It is literally the only thing I know to do with seed beads besides just stringing them but they are so cute. I couldn't wait to show the girls! Here are the basics:
I will be using pony beads and plastic thread for this tutorial so you can see what's being done easier. The younger girls used these as they are perfect for little hands, but for older girls, I think seed beads and a needle and beading thread are the best. For each section you will need the following beads (of course, feel free to change up the colors):

To begin, take a green bead and thread the end around and through it to make it secure so you don't have to worry about the beads falling off the end.
Add 2 (or more) green beads for your "stem". Then begin your flower by threading four yellow "petal" beads and 1 purple "center" bead

Bring your thread through the first yellow "petal" bead (the one next to the green bead) and pull all the way through.

Be sure to make sure the beads are all nice and squeezed up together when it is all pulled together like so:
..and thread the end through the bead next to the purple "center" bead that is NOT attached to the green "stem" beads.Didn't it turn out cute? I was surprised at how quickly she was able to pick it up. She is six and only needed to be shown a couple of times and she got it!

Of course, once you get the basics down, there are a ton of variations. Add or take away "stem" beads, change up the colors or make it ALL daisies! They always turn out cute and it is really fun and addictive. Have fun beading daisy chains!