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Lovely Handmade To Show Your Care

Lovely handmade birthday gift idea
There is nothing like a handmade birthday gift that says I care for you in a special way. It is even better if the handmade birthday gift is made from flowers. Whatever the shape, size or color of this flower, it warms the heart and sheers the soul. For the gardener with an abundance of flowers or for anyone with an abundance of happy spirit, spring is a time to spread smiles with handmade birthday gift made from flowers. From the surprise and delight of an unexpected handmade birthday gift that brings joys and lovely mementoes of the season for the birthday celebrations.

Moss Covered Box:
During the afternoon in the early spring woods pale sunshine flits between the trees then quickly tiring, slips back into the shadows to sleep again. The woods are clean and barren with few plants braving the March cold. Sheet moss has a variety of uses for the crafty gardener. It is an all purpose covering for many different kinds of gifts and crafts. One of the easiest is simply to cover a cardboard or plywood container with the moss to create a lovely woody box. The time required for this takes thirty minutes. It is also very economical as it only requires a box which can be easily found at home.

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Materials required:
The materials required include cardboard or Plywood box with a lid. Thin sheet moss is easily available in the garden. Craft glue can be easily found in the stationary. Dried Rose bud is also required fro making the moss covered box for a handmade birthday gift.

This is ideal for a handmade birthday gift during the spring season and it can be stores indefinitely so it also forms a great keepsake. Before starting it is important to measure the dimensions of the box. Then you can cut the sheet moss accordingly. The sheet moss must envelope the entire length, breadth and circumference of the box. It is important to make sure that you do not use a box that is too big as you would be required to find a sheet moss of large size. Now you can apply the glue to the entire length of the box.

Lovely handmade birthday gift idea

This way after you stick the sheet moss, you should leave enough space for the lid to fit easily. While covering the sheet moss, it is important to be very carefully and place the sheet very lightly on the box. You can also decorate the box with roses to make it more attractive. If you do not want to give an empty box, you can place sweet smelling potpourri in the handmade birthday gift