Have you ever wondered if you and your sweetheart would last together for a lifetime? No one can be sure about that, but studies have shown that the success rate of your marriage can be predicted with a mind boggling degree of accuracy!

Is it a Happily Ever After for You?
It has been seen that the destinies of couples can be predicted based on the number of positive interactions they displayed towards each other, such as smiles and compliments, to the number of negative interactions like eye rolling or sarcasm.
Magic Ratio
Experts have predicted that there is something like a “magic ratio” of 5:1 which holds the relationship together. That is, there is a minimum of 5 positive interactions for every negative interaction, between partners. The tests have proved that this magic ratio is actually almost 94% accurate. In other words, the magic ratio played the part of the crystal ball into the couple’s future!
What Should You Do?
You probably must be wondering if that’s what you should do, tally up your positive and negative scores. Whether you should keep a chart of every kiss, grimace or every comment? None of that is actually required if the both of you are generally positive. Be happy, and try not to be critical about your partner and the magic ratio will take care of itself. It’s hard not to be critical when the situation calls for it, but the ones who can get through the issue without a war will be the ones who are most happiest.
So if you’re out there with your partner and want to take this ride of love forever, then just remember the magic ratio. Or better still, forget all about it!
May there be a Happily Ever After in your life…