We all love to spend time with our partners, but there are always times in every relationship when we just need to give some space to help each other grow as individuals.Find out how you can give space to your partner.

Sometimes too much of a good thing isn’t such a good thing. The first step in learning to back off is to remind oneself what we stand to lose.
It may not be as drastic as losing the relationship itself, but losing out on the camaraderie, the love, the touching gestures, the pleasurable good times, the physical intimacy, the emotional bonding, the security, the assurance, the spontaneity, etc.
You have to learn to give space to your husband or wife. But how does one give space to a partner in a relationship?

Very simple, by shifting focus. Let go of that tightening hold on your partner who might be gasping for air, and focus on strengthening yourself. Learn to find your happiness within you, because ultimately you are responsible for finding your happiness, not your partner.
Give Space to your Partner by Making Space for Yourself
Have you ever stopped to consider what your major definite purpose in life would be? Fulfilling or attempting to fulfil your life’s purpose is happiness itself. Since most of us are professionally or domestically occupied, our work would be the answer to this question.
But before you make up your mind, make sure that this is the right answer, because having the right purpose should add a deep sense of satisfaction to you as a person, and not just as a professional. Finding your purpose will not only fill your life with direction but also with passion. Each one of us has to seek out our definite purpose in life that gives us happiness by exploring and identifying our talents, interests and personal strengths.

At the least, one could cultivate a hobby that reflects one’s tastes, lifestyle or affordability or just something that one can gain pleasure from. Just be careful that your hobby does not come in the way of your togetherness with your partner.
Shared Passions
Sharing a passion or a common hobby is a wise way to celebrate your togetherness with a partner who wants more space in the relationship. While allowing you to shift focus, it also gives you both a platform to share your interests and is a mutually profitable way to spend energy, time and money. If you both share a passion, then you can carve a career out of it.
Just make sure that there are a few rules in place. To work closely but not too closely, to cultivate other common interests too, to demarcate personal time from professional time, etc. While working with a life partner makes good economic sense, it also brings with it the added bonus of togetherness, undoubted loyalty and trust.
Boys and their Toys
All children love their toys, but while girls mature early and lose interest with their little toys, boys never outgrow their interest in toys and electronic stuff. The toys just become more expensive or bigger. Clubs of different kinds, sports, and gadgets continue to attract them. Men love to bond with other men while sharing common interests. These toys, gadgets and clubs thus gratify several needs, and should not be denied. Why? Primarily because it keeps them happy, fills up mind space, keeps their hands occupied and also helps them make more male friends.
Sports help them find an outlet for their competitive spirit and the strategic slant of their mind. So if your guy is a guy’s guy, with healthy habits, let him be. Let the men have their toys. Don’t try to change him into the eternal romantic. Bask in his masculinity.
Giving space to a partner doesn’t really have to scare you or threaten you. It’s just a gentle reminder to you from your partner, telling you that they miss doing some things that that would enjoy doing by themselves, or with their own friends.
And for you to truly give space to your partner, you need to give yourself space from the relationship. Only then can the both of you be happy giving space to each other, and helping each of you grow as individuals.