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If you are not the kind of person who is not romantic, you can give each other the date of a modern and lovely as a gift, not your anniversary. However, it remains the best and come up with some creative romantic gift ideas cheap. Here are some ideas, your gift can enhance your own.

1. Coupon weird night - The idea of this gift may be the most romantic gift ever, especially if your partner always want something new. With this gift idea, your partner will be happier since he or she is just fantasy into a reality. It may be something like the janitor closet, fruit rollup, stethoscope, UPS uniforms, ice, French maid costumes, goggles and so on. However, just make sure coupon or event happening is legal.

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2. Midnight picnic - this gift is a very romantic idea. Instead of doing a picnic during the day, it will be at midnight to complete. The gift ideas can make a park or garden is more appropriate at a picnic under the stars, moon or other planets visible with the naked eye at night.
3. Production painting - this is not only a romantic gift ideas, but only a few dollars to buy those cheap canvas, finger paint, paper and water colors. This is very cute, lovely to do with painting, you scare each other, can cause some physical memory, you can always.
4. A bed - this romantic idea is that by spending all day in bed watching movies, hugging, eating snacks. It is not only a romantic gift, but also the best way to spend quality time together without any interference.
5. Surprise Lunch - This romantic gift idea is great that you want to surprise your partner with all of his or her favorite foods packed in a bag. For some extra effect, you can leave some surprise news on it.