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6 Steps to know if he/she is lying

How to tell if your girlfriend,boyfriend,son,daughter,wife or husband is lying to you.

For those of you who hang around people all day which would mean almost all of you this was designed to help you find out if they are lying to you or not. This should be especially useful for parents who have teens (ironic since I am a teen)

step 1 The first sign
 The first sign when someone is lying is usually faltering over words or if you say something that corrects them and they say "well one time I saw that"  then that means they are probably lying 

step 2  The eyes
 Usually when someone is lying they either blink their eyes a lot or look away from the person they are talking to and pretend to do something that requires their eyes to be focused on it. I suggest you watch out for this guilty symptom if you just happen to notice it they are probably lying

step 3 Defense
 Whenever the person who is lying starts getting angry and starts protesting that they did not do it then they probably did and that should be common sense.

step 4 Angry
When talking to the liar and he or she starts getting angry and is wanting to start a fight then they lied because with us being human and prideful then we automatically want to defend ourselves but when confronted we feel helpless and to save our pride we naturally fight back if they fight back they are most likely lying

step 5 Body language
ok here are a few body language equations that will help you.

Fake smile = lying 
Eyes getting bigger and eyebrows raising= lying
Fidgeting = lying (most likely) 
Sweaty hands or head= lying
Itchy head or face = lying (most likely) 
Walks away from confrontation = lying 
Angry during confrontation = lying 
Cant stand still or sit still = lying (most likely)
Not looking at you directly = lying (most likely)

step 6 Warning
These tips are only meant for confrontation purposes and situations regarding confrontation. Use these techniques wisely. This should keep your relationships healthy and happy.